How to Make the World a Better Place


At times, the world can seem a cruel place. War, pestilence, and famine ravage every continent, and it seems that there is no respite in times like these. Still, throughout the hardship, it is important that we keep our heads up and continue persevering to repair the world of its ailments and make the world a better place. While the notion of making the world a better place may seem very grandiose, it is achievable and still can be made true, even if it isn’t in your lifetime. Working towards a better world is honorable and is a great way to spend your limited time here on this planet.

We need more people who will fight for social justice and fight to remove the scourge of racial hatred and prejudice! Here are some ways to make the world a better place one tiny footstep at a time!

Help to Cure Mental Illness!

Curing mental illness is especially paramount to making the world a better place. So many people suffer in perpetual silence, unable to break the shackles of mental ills, and still even in the 21st century with such drastic technological and digital advancements we see huge numbers of teenagers, young adults, and adults, suffering from mental illness. Mental illness for those who suffer from it can be devastating and can completely reshape their entire lives negatively and leave them destitute and unable to find solace in what they perceive to be an unforgiving and negative world. Still, the professionals of, and many others, are fighting to rid the world of mental illness and promote mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is achievable no matter your circumstances and you can deliver yourself from the evil and the torturous reality of mental health.

Some of the best ways to combat mental health problems are to actively venture outdoors and make friends. More often than not, those suffering quietly with mental health problems find themselves locking their doors and drawing the blinds, refusing to interact with the outside world and refusing to leave their comfort zone. The only way to combat mental health is to actively take the initiative and go outside of your own accord and refuse to let the demons of your mental health put you down any longer. If we all work together, we can cure mental illness by being a friend to those who need it!

Help to Cure Mental Illness

In recent years we have discovered that the Earth is slowly being torn apart and destroyed by humans. If we do not begin to draw back our industrial advancements and stop polluting the Earth, we will find Earth uninhabitable and we will be without a home, and surely die. There are huge multinational corporations dedicated to getting us to Mars to live there, however, rather than investing time in another planet, why do we not focus on our own. If we all think environmentally, we can work together to combat the seemingly irreparable damage we have caused to the Earth.

Car exhausts, factory fumes, and other sources of pollution are tearing apart the ozone layer. Day by day and week by week the Earth is dying. Plastic has consumed our oceans and yearly millions of marine animals are killed by it, and then in combination with pollution, the figures become astronomical. If we stop using plastic and replace our plastic usage with hemp, it will not be too late. While more environmentally friendly alternatives are expensive, they can last a very long time, far longer than the more conventional plastic bagging that rips and tears at the drop of a hat.

Be Nicer to Each Other

One of the easiest and simplest ways to make the world a better place is to simply be nicer to one another. By being nicer to one another we will be improving the Earth one step at a time. Everybody has become very disenfranchised and there is no real sense of community anymore, rather people would prefer to sit in their bedrooms and living rooms on their computers and games consoles instead of networking, making friends, and being a part of society as a larger whole.

This internet-oriented attitude is what is contributing to the lack of attachment many people have to society. If we put our games consoles down, go outside, and be nicer to one another, we might find that the world can quickly become a better place. Racial prejudice and hatred hold many people back and when those who are racist and xenophobic realize there is no difference between one who is black and one who is white, then the world can gradually become a nicer and better place. Our skin color is irrelevant, it is only what is inside that matters. And, if your heart is corrupt, then you are truly the loser.


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