How to Make Your Bedroom Reflect Your Character


Your bedroom becomes your haven at the end of a tiring day. You definitely want it to be organized and well decorated to be able to relax peacefully. Styling your bedroom is more than just choosing a particular theme. Have you ever considered changing it in a way that will reflect your character and personality? Not only will it elevate the mood and look of the space, but also give you a needed change.

Even if you have sub-consciously designed your bedroom, according to your individuality and not simply due to obligation, there are a few more ways to enhance your character within it.

Follow these tips to induce your personality in your space:

1. Dig Deep to Know Yourself

Reflect on who and how you are as a person and list at least three adjectives that boldly describe you. You can think about things that inspire you, the mottos you believe in, and the descriptions you have received. It can also include any weird habits or flaws.

For instance, these two contrasting examples give a clear picture of how traits, flaws, and thoughts can be celebrated.

Use the Concept of Minimalism

If you’re someone who suffers from a bit of OCD, likes to stay clutter-free, and are proud of it, adapting the theme of minimalism in your bedroom space can declare this trait of yours. Not many know about satisfaction and increased productivity from staying organized. A minimalist aesthetic suggests accommodating less furniture within your space and making the existing furniture sleeker and simpler. Another way of introducing minimalism is through using a pastel color palette, usually in the lighter shades. Use more white curtains and try to bring in as much natural light as possible. Add some plants to give it a Nordic look.

Combine Spaces

If you are a socially active person who likes to invite people over at your house, you can add an adjoining space to your bedroom, or extend it up to your living room to accommodate more people. You just need a couple of extra sofas and coffee tables to make your guests comfortable within your space. It will show that you are willing to welcome them in your private life and appreciate your thoughtfulness behind making the interior changes. This will also give you an opportunity to completely revamp your bedroom aesthetic by changing furniture, installing bookshelves or maybe a mini-fridge to increase interaction, and adding more colors.

2. Use Significant Objects as Decor

The décor theme of your room is majorly dependant on the objects placed within the space. You can use objects or possessions that mirror your values, beliefs, or thoughts. For instance, decorating your room with your childhood objects and family memos reflects your nostalgic value and shows how important it is for you. The decorators at Vision Bedding suggest a brilliant idea of customizing your bedding with personal or memorable photos.  If you are someone who has been a curious soul and asks many questions, incorporating a lot of books casts that logic.

3. Decipher the Meaning in Things

While choosing objects and decoration pieces for your bedroom, don’t just buy them without thinking twice. Sure, you will contemplate on which corner to place them, but also think of how you feel when you look at it. If you are buying a piece of art, look at it for a while and consider the emotions you feel instead of just amalgamating it with your perfect hued wall. Remember, you have to stay with it for a while.

4. Colors are a True Reflection

If you are unable to come up with a relevant theme after all this planning and formulating, you need to take the assistance of colors and shades. What’s more expressive than colors? Hues and shades express a lot of emotions and enunciate a person’s personality clearly. Even if you don’t change your furniture or fail to buy additional accessories to amp up your bedroom, you can choose a relevant color palette that will put a major difference in the look. It can be colors that reflect your constant mood or can just be your favorite. Choosing colors to evoke certain moods also helps. For example, blue expresses calmness, tranquility, and loyalty; yellow expresses happiness, creativity, and productivity, and pink expresses health, love, and compassion.

When you decide to finally change your interior theme to match your personality, it will be difficult for you to leave your bedroom. After all, your bedroom is the most intimate and private space that needs to be treated well. Let your spaces speak for you and reflect your individuality.

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