How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger in Butt Lifting Leggings


If you ever look into the mirror and wish to have a butt like Kim Kardashian, we get you. You do not have to feel bad and not even think that it’s impossible. There are some natural ways to achieve the butt that you dream of. A few fashion tips, and you can make your butt look bigger and round. Get ready; you will get to know some secrets about lifting your butt magically. Pick up your butt-lifting leggings and trust us with these steps.

1. High Heels

You might have tried this trick. Wearing high heels makes you look taller and creates an impact on your waist’s posture. When you wear high heels, you have a more intense standing position. That is why your butt looks enhanced and appears to be bigger.

Ensure that the heels you are choosing are comfortable wearing. You do not want to walk around being on uncomfortable footwear. People will notice your weird walk instead of your bigger butt. Also, choose the heels that go with your butt sculpting leggings. It should not look like you have forcefully added the heels to the attire.

2. Go With Black

Wearing black never goes wrong. Going with the black-colored leggings helps your waist and legs look slimmer. While stripes and large patterns can add extra fat visually, black leggings enhance the curves. If you want people to turn their heads, go with black bum-enhancing gym leggings. Stripes or anything like big huge flower patterns on the leggings can add an odd appearance. Going tight and black is the thumb rule of making your butt look bigger and more round.

3. Use a butt lifter

Butt lifters work similarly to push-up bras if you are not familiar with them. They squeeze the shape around your butt and so that your butt cheeks have a popped-up round shape. You can wear it under jeans and get the shape that you have always wanted. You can also wear butt-lifting leggings if you are going to the gym.

4. Pay Attention to Your Top

You need to think about the shirt above the butt-enhancing leggings. You can bring attention to your tiny waist. It will enhance your butt, and the lower part will look longer and thinner. Choose skin-fit butt sculpting leggings with a nice shirt. The combination will make your rear end bigger. Do not hesitate to show off a bit of your waist. You’d love your butt.

5. Wear a Waist Trainer

By wearing a waist trainer, you can make the waist look thinner. It will tuck your waist in and make the booty look bigger automagically. It is how it works! Just with a little effort, you can create an illusion of a bigger butt. Who wouldn’t want that? It is an easy way to get the shape that is “ ideal” according to you.

6. Wear the Right Underwear

The best shape of your booty starts with the first layer on your bum. You have to choose the right underwear if you want to have a sultry booty shape. Do not pick those saggy panties and go for thongs. Thongs already help your butt look bigger as they lift them up. They almost leave your bum uncovered, plus there are no panty lines. You can also go with cheeky panties if you do not prefer thongs.

See? These are some easy, amusing tricks you can use to have a bigger butt. Get yourself butt-enhancing leggings and follow these simple tricks unless you prefer surgery over the natural steps. Trust us; these tricks will work wonders.

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