How To Make Your Move Easier, Faster, and Less-Stressful


If you’re like most people, you probably dread moving. It can be a lot of work, and it’s often very stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you follow these moving hacks, you’ll move easier and faster than ever before.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

One of the best ways to make your move easier and faster is to hire a professional moving company. They will take care of all the logistics for you, from packing up your belongings to carefully loading and unloading them, so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Using professional movers will also greatly affect the ease and speed of your move. For many, movers can save your items from damage and prevent injury to a customer. Experienced moving companies Toronto can even execute your move in winter, something that would be very difficult to do on your own.

What Makes a Great Moving Company?

  • Experience: A good moving company should have a lot of experience. They should know how to pack your belongings properly so they don’t get damaged during the move.
  • References: Ask around to see if anyone has had a good (or bad) experience with a particular moving company.
  • Price: Obviously, you want to find a company that offers a fair price. But be careful not to sacrifice quality for a low price.
  • Insurance: Good moving companies are insured. If something happens to your belongings during the move, you will be compensated.
  • Equipment: Professional movers have the proper equipment to move your belongings safely and efficiently.
  • Staff: The staff at a good moving company is experienced and knowledgeable. They will help make your move go smoothly.

Separate Priority Items

Have a plan and pack smart. Pack a couple of designated boxes of things you will need in the first few days in your new home. This way, during your first couple of days, you aren’t searching through boxes to find the couple of items you need right away.

Unpack these things first, and everything else can wait until later. This will help minimize the amount of work you have to do on moving day and make settling into your new home much more comfortable.

Sort Through Items Before Packing

Another great way to make your move easier and faster is to sort through your belongings before packing them. This will help you get rid of the things you don’t need, saving you time and hassle on moving day.

Make piles of items to trash or donate before packing begins. This will prevent you from moving items you will soon throw away. For clothes, ask if you have worn that item in the last year and donate items that you have not.

Label Each Box

While it may take a little extra time to pack, labeling every box will save you hours and lots of stress when unpacking.

Try keeping rooms together with the layout of your new location in mind. For example, instead of putting all the pillows in one box and labeling it “pillows,” try boxing up all the linens and pillows for the guest bedroom together and labeling it “guest bedroom, bed.” This will ensure you can just drop that box in the guest bedroom instead of running around the house putting pillows in each room.

Also, take the time to label the room the box belongs in and what is inside the box. That way, when you need your morning coffee to wake up and start tackling unpacking, you do not have to open all the kitchen boxes to find your mugs.


Moving hacks are all about setting yourself up for success to make things easier for yourself in the future.

Follow the tips above, and you’ll see that with little help and some planning ahead, your move won’t be as bad as you expected.

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