How To Make Your Racing ATV Lighter


All-terrain vehicles have found many uses in agricultural, industrial, and recreational contexts. These sturdy workhorses are much lighter than cars, with the heaviest utility model measuring nearly 700 pounds, which is at least four times lighter than a compact car.

When it comes to performing heavy-duty tasks such as towing heavy loads on a job site or bringing along a sizable amount of gear and supplies for your hunting adventures, shedding some weight on your quad might be unnecessary. Most ATV riders resort to a variety of ways to enhance the cargo capacity of their vehicles. You can achieve this by installing an ATV front storage box.

However, if you take part in regular racing games or enjoy the feeling of speed and adrenaline coursing through your veins, reducing the weight of your quad is something you should seriously think about. By trimming some weight off your racing beast, you can make it faster and more agile on tight turns. Therefore, if you are looking for some viable methods of decreasing the weight of your vehicle, not just by a couple of pounds, check out our suggestions.

1. Start with the wheels

One of the most effective ways of dropping your ATV weight is to remove the stock wheels and install lighter aftermarket wheels instead. There is a wide selection of excellent options manufactured by top industry brands specifically for off-road racing. So, find your local atv service shop to help you pick and install the aftermarket wheels.

2. Remove the parking brake

Remove the parking brake

You want to make sure that your ATV is only equipped with essential parts. Racers do not need a parking brake that much. Therefore, removing it can help you get rid of a few more pounds.

3. Replace the battery

If your ATV has a lead-acid battery, consider replacing it with a lithium battery. The biggest issue with conventional batteries is that they require regular maintenance if you want them to keep running smoothly.

Lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and show higher efficiency than conventional batteries. There is also no liquid in lithium batteries, which makes them lighter and smaller than other types of batteries.

4. Boost your quad’s power with a new exhaust

Boost your quad's power with a new exhaust

You can shave off some weight off your ATV with aftermarket exhaust pipes. Aftermarket manufacturers offer a multitude of fantastic options, allowing your quad to get the performance you desire. As a rule, stock exhaust systems limit the power output of the engine. However, with a well-built performance exhaust system, you can easily net nearly 10% improvement in power along with getting rid of a couple of pounds.

5. Upgrade your quad with air shocks

Unlike coil shocks, air shocks are considerably lighter. They also give the rider lots of set-up options. That means that regardless of the terrain you tackle, you can easily adjust them to your needs and comfort.

These are some basic suggestions that can help you reduce the weight of your quad. Now you can focus on what is not essential for you as a racer. For instance, you can make the vehicle lighter by removing your ATV front cargo box, cutting the fenders, or replacing the stock seat with another one produced from lighter materials. You also have to keep in mind the changes in weight aftermarket purchases such as deviant race parts can have, and plan for it. As you keep on trimming your machine, make sure that the components you remove and replace do not damage the integrity of your quad.

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