How to Manage Discomfort with New Braces in Surrey


Surrey, a leafy county in the Southeast of England, is renowned for its picturesque countryside and historic architecture. In the midst of its tranquil beauty, residents have access to cutting-edge dental care, including the expertise of an orthodontist in Surrey. For those beginning their journey with new braces in this area, adapting to the initial stage of treatment can bring certain challenges. The following guide provides actionable tips to manage discomfort, making the process as smooth as the serene Surrey landscapes.

Understanding the Basics of Braces

Before delving into managing discomfort, it’s essential to understand what braces are and why they may cause discomfort. Braces apply continuous pressure on the teeth to move them into the correct alignment slowly. This process is crucial for achieving desired results but can cause soreness, especially after adjustments.

Tips for Alleviating Soreness and Pain

Use Orthodontic Relief Wax

When braces rub against the inside of the mouth, they can cause irritation. Orthodontic relief wax can be applied to the brackets, creating a smooth barrier between the metal and the mouth’s soft tissues. Dental professionals in Surrey often provide patients with wax and demonstrate how to apply it effectively.

Cold Foods and Beverages

The application of cold can numb the sore area, providing relief. Encourage consuming chilled beverages or eating soft, cool foods like ice cream or smoothies. It’s a sweet spot of comfort for anyone, especially beneficial after a tightening session.

Soft Foods Diet

In the days following the fitting of new braces or subsequent adjustments, teeth may feel particularly tender. During this time, it’s wise to stick to soft foods. Think mashed potatoes, yoghurts, and soups – these are gentle on the teeth and require less forceful chewing.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

For the more persistent discomfort, over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen can be effective. Surrey’s healthcare providers can recommend suitable options that align with individual health profiles.

Salt Water Rinses

A time-honoured remedy for oral discomfort is a saltwater rinse. It’s simple: Mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water and rinse the mouth thoroughly. This can help heal sores and ease the discomfort.

Maintaining Optimal Oral Hygiene

Regular Cleaning Regime

With braces, it’s important to maintain a diligent cleaning regime to prevent food from lodging in and around the brackets, which can lead to increased discomfort. Soft-bristled brushes and floss are key tools in this daily battle against plaque and potential discomfort.

Investing in Specialized Tools

Interdental brushes and floss threaders are invaluable for keeping braces free of debris. They can reach places standard toothbrushes might miss, safeguarding against gum inflammation and additional pain.

Staying Engaged with Your Orthodontist

Regular check-ups with an orthodontist in Surrey are vital. During these visits, the orthodontist can address any discomfort and make necessary adjustments to the braces. These professionals are just as much a part of Surrey’s community as the residents themselves, providing personalized care that caters to the needs of each individual.

Embracing the Journey

Adopting a positive mindset towards orthodontic treatment and focusing on the end goal—a beautiful and healthy smile—can also play a role in coping with discomfort. Celebrating small milestones can make a big difference in how discomfort is perceived.


As the residents of Surrey know, great results are often the outcome of patience and resilience. While braces may introduce temporary discomfort, the methods outlined above can significantly reduce it, ensuring a more pleasant orthodontic journey. By following these tips and maintaining regular contact with an orthodontist, anyone can navigate the path to a perfect smile with confidence and ease.

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