How to Manage your Diwali Gifting during COVID 19 Situation?


Diwali, the festival of lights and spreading happiness is on its way. Living amidst the crucial times of COVID-19 outbreak has taught us what really matters. Today the world knows, happiness is not linked to materialistic pleasures of life. A grand Diwali celebration is quite possible even in times of the pandemic. Celebrate your Diwali with your loved ones at home, and make it the new cool! For the family members who are residing abroad or in a different city, there are online portals that are in trend today. Don’t let COVID-19 affect your gift distributing ritual. After all, Diwali is all about surprising and making your family and friends feel special. 

Coronavirus came with a lot of bad news, and maintaining social distancing is one of them. Diwali is all about meeting people and the distribution of gifts while gorging on delicious sweets. This year Diwali won’t be the same but making it an extraordinary event is completely in our hands.  Online portals are offering spectacular gift hampers that come with great discounts. If you are wondering how to make your Diwali memorable with the help of online shopping portals, then here is all you need to know!

Superb Diwali Gift Ideas 

Superb Diwali Gift Ideas

Nail online shopping for Diwali gifts by taking a look at this list of fabulous gift ideas!

1. Stunning Idols

Gifting idols of Lord Ganesha, and Lord Lakshmi on Diwali is considered auspicious. There are an array of beautiful idols available on online websites that you can order for your relatives or friends. Lord Buddha is a symbol of peace and is one of the most gifted idols by families on festivals. A plethora of idols in vibrant colours and materials are present online that will make for an iconic gift for the relatives who are inclined towards spiritualism or are religious.

2. Aromatic Candles And Diyas

On the festival of lights, aromatic candles, and diyas will be the perfect gift. Pick a set of diyas or candles from any website, and impress your friends or relatives. Diyas are an eminent part of Diwali decoration, and gifting them is indeed a unique and thoughtful idea. From diyas with Kundan work to handcrafted matki diyas, there is a huge variety present online that you can order. 

Wonderful candle sets with comforting fragrance are another gift that is worth ordering on Diwali. You can choose from different fragrances like lemongrass, lavender, sandalwood and musk that are easily available.

3. Home Decor Items

Home Decor items and crockery are definitely one of the most famous Diwali gifts. Since ages, people follow the tradition of gifting home decor items to their relatives. From gorgeous crockery sets to fantastic vases, and from indoor plants to handicraft pieces, there is a lot to explore and order online as an unforgettable Diwali gift. You can order plants like Money Plant, Pink Moon Cactus, and Bamboo as they purify the air and make for an exceptional gift for your friends.

4. Delicious Sweets, Chocolates And Cakes

Any festival is incomplete without sweets. Avoiding the sweets from local sweet vendors, and ordering packaged sweets with the date of expiry is the new trend. The benefit of ordering sweets online is that you get a lot of options like White Rasgullaa, Soan Papdi, Kaju Katli and Gulab Jamun and all these sweets are fresh and come with the correct expiry date and packaging. If you want to try something new, then order scrumptious cakes and chocolates that are to die for. You can order from any website that is appealing enough and trustworthy.

5. Dry Fruit Hampers

Outstanding dry fruits hampers that contain different additions like Lord Ganesha idol, chocolates or snacks are also available online and are an excellent choice. You can also get your hands on stylish dry fruit containers that look alluring and will stand out of all the other gifts. No need of wasting time in picking up gifts and then getting them packed, now you can easily select a hamper online and order it. 

6. Digital Gifts

The current pandemic made everything digital, and one of the best ways to surprise your relatives is by booking an online guitarist. You can even make a celebrity record a message for your family. With such amusing digital gifts, your relatives and friends will surely be in awe. 

Reasons For Online Shopping For Diwali Gifts

Here are a few reasons that will convince you to order gifts from online portals amidst the coronavirus outbreak, and make the most of Diwali celebrations!

– Online portals offer great discounts that will help you in saving some extra money.

– Various delivery options are available and you can easily send Diwali gifts to India without any hassle.

– Avoiding the infamous Diwali traffic jams and ordering gifts online is the best way to celebrate Diwali. 

– A myriad of options to select from and easy payments is another reason for ordering online.

– You can easily order gifts for relatives who are living abroad. Online portals provide order delivery in countries like the USA, UK, Australia and many more.

Ideas For Celebrating Diwali Amidst COVID-19

Ideas For Celebrating Diwali Amidst COVID-19

Here are a few innovative ideas through which you can celebrate Diwali with your loved ones while following the safety guidelines!

– Play Virtual Antakshari on Skype and Zoom calls and get ready to have a blast. Don’t forget to order a Diwali gift card for the winners of these Virtual games.

– Attend a live standup comedy show on a zoom call with your family. Start searching and buy your tickets right away.

– Organize an online Karaoke Session and sing along your favourite tunes while your family and friends are on a video call.

-Tambola or playing cards is a tradition followed in many families, and you can make it possible by connecting on a video call.

-Order gifts for the family members that are present with you and make them jump with euphoria!

Festivals are a way of people coming together and celebrating life and togetherness. Don’t let coronavirus ruin your plans and try the new way of shopping and gifting online. Make a list, order gifts online and get on a video call with your family and friends to make this Diwali a legendary event!

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