How to market and promote your liquor shop


Have you been wondering why your liquor shop is not getting a lot of customers? You may have opened and well stocked your liquor shop, but you don’t have enough customers. A lack of marketing and promotion strategy can be the actual cause. With many well-established shops for liquor in Singapore, you need to have a sound marketing plan to stand out.

We’ve discussed the best ways to market and promote your liquor shop.

1. Advertise on newspaper, radio, and television

Once you have opened the liquor shop, you need to advertise the various media platforms. You can opt for Singapore’s national radio and television stations. Most people will be aware of the liquor shop, and they will be eager to know what’s new in this liquor shop. Remember to provide the location of the shop and everything you offer at the shop. It will be the best way to market and promote your newly opened shop. Ensure that you have thought about getting Liquor Liability Insurance from Garrity Insurance. In the event of an accident involving someone you sold liquor to, you might be liable for injury and damages. Liquor liability suits can cost you a fortune.

2. Offer taste-testing on various items

On the night of opening the shop or once a while, always offer taste-testing on certain items. You should make sure the offering is small so that you can accommodate the cost. It would help if you also had offers on certain liquors and drinks. You will attract many customers to your shop. Most shops for liquor in Singapore have mastered this art, and they have resulted in attracting more customers later. Remember to enlighten your staff on these offers and taste-testing offers. The reason being they can answer the customer’s questions on these offers.

3. Hold exclusive events

During almost all the holidays’ alcohol is an integral part. Thus a way of luring more customers and building your brand is to hold regular and exclusive events. These events can be during a particular holiday or even weekends when most people are off work. For example, you can teach the customers how to make a signature cocktail or any other special event. Remember, if you do this on holiday, it should rhyme with the holiday themes. You can offer some discounts on certain items. During these events, be sure you will attract a lot of customers.

4. Build your online presence

Offers branded merchandise

In the world today, most things have gone digital; thus, online presence is significant for the success of a business. For good reasons, almost all shops for liquor in Singapore have opted to open accounts with various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media handles are significant for building and promoting your business. You can start the shop’s website where the customers can see all the details of the shop like offers and prices of goods. Most people will access the shop’s information from there.

5. Offers branded merchandise

In this world, most people love free stuff. Thus you can opt for using a few resources on branded merchandise. Give your customer printed t-shirts, key holders, and other products with your shop’s information. This merchandise will attract more customers, and you will also succeed in retaining most customers. In addition, when the customers will be walking with this merchandise, most people will be reading about your shop. Branded merchandise presents the best tool for marketing your shop.


Your new liquor shop may face competition from the already established shops for liquor in Singapore. Therefore you need to market and promote your shop brand. The ways discussed above will present the best strategies to promote your liquor shop.

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