How to Monetize Your Website Traffic Easily


The internet continues to develop and grow on a daily basis. More and more people are creating their own websites for personal or business use. They are a potential goldmine, because marketing is all about directing traffic to our product or sales pages.

There are actually many ways to make money, and that’s what this article is all about.

Seek for Help Online

There’s a huge amount of guidance that can be acquired online to help steer us towards generating finance. It was helpful to learn from Stream-SEO that people can utilise anything from content marketing and Facebook Ads to Affiliate Marketing and lifestyle blogs. It is beneficial when one can also have access to tutorials and reviews before proceeding.

Getting the Page Seen

It’s important for websites to have content that will serve SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. This means the web pages should be rich in the words that people will be searching for on Google.

Google Analytics can be used to discover the basic demographics of the current page visitors. This will help in relation to reaching the target audience, and tweaking the website content where needed.

Blogs are a good way of creating this content, as are tutorials and reviews. These can relate to such popular subjects as the latest console games and computer software, or health and beauty products and hobbies. It’s also worth guest posting on other peoples’ websites, or joining online forums to generate more traffic.

Building an email address list is a fundamental way to grow one’s business. Today, email marketing is a highly effective way of generating sales. It can harness text, photos and videos, and include links to a person’s sales page.

Affiliate Marketing

We may have all seen web pages providing helpful free information. They may also have included links to other peoples’ products. That’s what occurs with Affiliate Marketing. People first obtain an Affiliate Link for each product from the companies themselves. They then feature them on their own website.

It’s possible to create a niche website, such as one devoted to drum sets. There could be tutorials, reviews and blogs on the subject, but also affiliate links to other companies’ products. If someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, commission is received. Ethically, it’s important to disclose the fact that the URLs are affiliate links generating money for the website owner.

What’s great about this method is there are no costs to pay upfront, and it can generate a passive income. Physical goods don’t pay a high commission rate, however. It’s usually around 4 or 5%. Digital products are better, paying 50% or more.

Affiliate Marketing

Digital Downloads and Google Adsense

Authors could self-publish their own books in an e-book format.  A simple store could be set up on their website, for people to be able to pay and download from there. It’s better to sell from one’s own website than to simply include an Amazon link. That’s because Amazon will take their commission, and there’s little point letting them have it if people have come to you directly.

Google Adsense is where Google will pay a person for letting them place  display ads on their website. Google is looking to harness peoples’ audiences, needless to say. It’s therefore a requirement that people have at least 50 visitors a day to their site, in order to qualify.

Selling Merchandise

Sites like Zazzle or RedBubble allow people to create a store on their sites, to sell products. They might be digital designs that can go on mugs or shirts. The host website will create and dispatch the items in exchange for commission. It’s possible to do the same from one’s own web page, although there may be a smaller website audience, and more work will need to be done.This includes creating and dispatching the products. It’s also possible to create one’s own online store on Shopify.

Membership Sites

These can be exclusive websites that can be accessed by subscription only. They can host private forums and information.

Many people write blogs on In order to access an unlimited number of articles on the site, people pay a monthly subscription. If someone uses this site for their blogs, they can receive money in proportion to the number of readers and how long people spend on each article.

As we have seen, there are many ways for a person to monetise their website. If someone has got this far but thinks they have no specialist subject to write about, then why not focus on web skills and being an online entrepreneur? By now, there will be much knowledge one has attained that can be of benefit to others. It could be sold through tutorials, videos, courses and books.

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