How to Move A Piano

Moving a piano isn’t a child’s activity. It requires a degree of experience and is not going to be an easy DIY project.

The bigger or heavier your musical instrument is, the harder it gets. It becomes even more complex when you try to move up or down a wing of stairs. In this case, you may need to hire a professional mover service.

Tips on Moving A Piano Using The Help of Piano Movers

1. Hire Experts

The best thing you can do for yourself is to hire professional movers. Are they cheap, huh? Not necessarily. However, they are also not as expensive as you imagine. They would also be cheaper than if you risk damaging your instrument. They are well-experienced and have the necessary tools to bring your musical instrument to a safe landing. Learn more here.

2. Receive Quotes from Different Companies

You can get an online estimate of what it would cost you to move your instrument. It’s always a good idea to shop in a lot of places before you settle down.

3. Fill in Accurate Detail

Please ensure that you fill in the correct details to get an accurate approximation. The cost of relocating your musical instrument will depend on its specification, and the route to be used. A grand piano would have cost more than an upright piano because of its size and structure. The presence of the stairs also means that you have to pay more.

4. Read Reviews

Apart from choosing a cost-based company, it’s great to read reviews about it. You get to learn about the quality of their service and workers.

Tips on How to Move A Piano Without The Help of Piano Movers

Relocating your favorite instrument without expert assistance is quite risky but it is not impossible. It is an option that can be considered especially if there are no stairs involved.

 1. Pick A Route

Before you try to move your piano, work out a plan. You need to figure out the way you’re going to move the instrument. Next, you make the necessary measurements-the hallway, the instrument, the doorway, and the stairs. The aim is to avoid being stuck halfway because the area is too small.

2. Prepare Supplies

You need to have some items packed up and ready for the day. These include moving straps, a truck, moving blanket, packing/heavy-duty tape, dolly, ramp, dolly straps, heavy-duty gloves, and weightlifting straps. These are the equipment that will make sure you and your musical instrument are protected while you’re on the move.

3. Get a Team of Piano Movers

The piano is not lightweight and you’ll need about 3-4 people to help you move it. Not everyone will take part in carrying the piano, but they will be there to control the direction of movement until the piano is placed inside the truck.

4. Clear The Route

On a moving day, make sure the route you’ve chosen is free from obstacles. This could be a huge flowerpot or a neighbor’s bike. You always have to watch out for children running around, as you intend to maneuver your piano and avoid accidents. If you’re going to use the stairs, you need to set up the ramp.

5.  Prepare The Piano for Transport

The instrument should be wrapped before being transported. The moving blanket and tape are coming to play here. Pedals and the legs of the instrument should also be wrapped and taped. They must be disassembled and wrapped separately. Finally, wrap the moving blanket on all sides and use the tape to hold it firmly.

6. Transport The Piano

Using weight-lifting straps, lift the wrapped instrument onto the dolly. Ensure that the dolly straps are used to hold the instrument firmly. There should be no rush when it comes to carrying the musical instrument down the ramp. Once you get to the truck, push it to the truck ramp and secure it with moving straps. This ensures that it doesn’t shift while driving the truck.

You can choose to hire experts to relocate your musical instruments, or you can choose to do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need a lot of care and patience. Pianos are not cheap to buy or repair, so to make sure no damage is done, it’s highly recommended that you use the movers to move them.