How to Open a Crypto Wallet and Make Zero Percent Transactions

The profitable online crypto wallet Trustee launched by a small team of developers in Ukraine has gained popularity as one of the best electronic bitcoin wallets out there. The crypto wallet at gives you opportunities to store, trade, or withdraw cryptocurrency for your needs. But, unlike many other similar wallets, Trustee does not mean to keep your personal data on its server. This minimizes the risks of private information leaks. 

But that is not all! Trustee Wallet has many other features that make it stand out. In this review, we will focus on the features that will make you wanna get crypto wallet right now. 

Crypto Wallet App and What Benefits of Trustee Wallet You Can Use

The reason why so many users leave positive feedback and name it the best crypto wallet of its kind is the great flexibility. To buy or sell any crypto coin, now you don’t have to stand in queues. Having your iPhone around will be just enough – you can make financial operations on the way home in the car, or when waiting in the supermarket checkout. Your time is clearly valued here. Let us see what else this cutting-edge technology crypto wallet can surprise us with. 

1. No registration required. 

What keeps all your data protected is not a trivial password that is easy to guess just knowing your birthdate. Trustee wallet developers have gone further than this – all you need to transfer money is a special seed phrase. Hence, you can quickly access your funds and still remain anonymous putting no private data at risk. 

If you’ve got a good reason to take more serious precautions, there is a function of adding a pin code to make sure your bitcoins are secure. 

2. Simple user interface. 

Trustee Wallet is a free app that can work equally well on iOS and Android. Just set it up on your mobile to create crypto wallet and use it whenever you’re comfortable. The convenient minimalistic interface of this crypto wallet app will let you figure out how to buy or sell cryptocurrency in a minute. 

3. Converting currencies easily. 

Whatever the sum you have on this wallet, you have the option to take it in UAH, RUB, or USD using any bank card. The rates for such exchanges are already given without fees since the smart algorithm searches the lowest rates for Trustee wallet clients. 

4. Cashback program. 

By inviting friends to come and use this virtual wallet, you open the cool opportunity to earn up to 30% of the fees and, in case your friends stay, 10% of their cashback on top. 

5. You can make the app multi wallet. 

If you’re convenient having a few virtual wallets in one application, Trustee allows you to integrate this app with any other crypto wallet and access them both just knowing one seed phrase. 

Besides it all, the app has undergone the assessment of and was proven secure. Trustee gives you no reasons to be cautious when you create an account, best exchange rates, and a generous cashback program to make a passive but significant profit.