How To Open Roller Shutter Box [Step By Step Guide]


Nowadays, roller shutter boxes are one of the most leading security access throughout the world. From the past few years, its use has been increased a lot. It is not only used to protect banks’ money and gold shops.

Almost all the houses are now protected with it, and if you have one in your place, you should have an idea, “How to open roller shutter box?”

But if you do not have installed it to guard your valuable asset, including your life, it is high time to set now. Before that, have some knowledge about its different kinds and which one is needed for you.

What Is A Roller Shutter Box?

A roller shutter box is a kind of door that contains many horizontal boards. The reason its name is roller shutter box because it can easily be rolled up and down. So the gate is raised to open and pulled down to close.

A roller shutter box can be set up in the entrance of your vans, garage, showroom, and even windows. It gives protection from the storm, fire, rain, and robbery. It is hard to break down as it is made from heavy steel or aluminum.

The specialty in a roller shutter box is it has a locker system at the end of the box for extra safety, and you can use both bullet lock and slide lock. Moreover, it has a long durability. To know the price, click here volet roulant belgique prix.

Types Of Roller Shutter Boxes

There are basically four types of roller shutter boxes according to shape, size, material, and usage. A detail description of the kinds are as follows:

  • Manual roller shutters
  • Electric roller shutters
  • Built-in roller shutters
  • Built-on roller shutters

Manual roller shutters are the oldest and most effective one. It is still used now as its buying and maintenance cost is too low. On the other hand, electric roller shutters are the automatic and improved version of the manual one. It needs the power connection to open and close these doors. It is also quite expensive.

Built-in roller shutters are fixed into the beam of the window or door. As a result, these roller shutters entirely vanish when open. On the other hand, built-on roller shutters are installed above the exterior portion of the building entrance. So, these rollers are visible.

How to Open Roller Shutter Box?

It is also essential to know how to open the roller shutter box as you have installed it. When there is any defect, or you want to install a new one, it must be opened to fix. For this, you need to follow some tricks to open it. Hence those are as follows:

  • First, clean the shutter box so that there is no jam while opening the box from its position.
  • Then pull the shutter curtain up.
  • Start by opening the lower screws of the rail to avoid any accidents.
  • Gradually go up and remove both the rails. Take the help of another person as it is heavy.
  • Next, remove the screws of the box by climbing up the ladder.
  • At last, with the help of the partner, come down with the box steadily.

For opening the electric shutter box, you need to switch off the electricity and remove all the wires that connect the shutter box and motor. In this case, it would be best to take the help of a locker smith.

How To Install A Roller Shutter Box?

Before opening a roller shutter box, you need to install it. So there are some tips and tricks you need to follow for the proper installation of the shutter box. It can be used for all types of roller shutters except the electric one. Read it carefully to avoid any mistakes:

  • First and foremost, you need to measure the door or window. It is to be measured by opening the entrance to get the exact width and height.
  • The roller shutter smith will add or subtract some meters or inches from the given measurements to let the shutter fit in.
  • After all these procedures, choose your desire type with the color combination.
  • When you will receive your product, mark the solid brick points where you will need to drill to fix the shutter.
  • Start with drilling small holes to avoid any mess.
  • Next, fit the parts of the rail onto the box end and place the shutter box where it is needed to be fixed; window or door.
  • Now drill the rail’s hole and shutter box along with the wall and insert the screw to secure.
  • With the help of control tape, fix the shutter curtain to go up and down smoothly.

Now your roller shutter box is ready to use. But in the case of an electric shutter box, it is better to take the help of an expert.

Advantages of the roller shutter box

Nowadays, the use of the roller shutter box has increased enormously. That is because of its various advantages. If you want to know the usefulness of this shutter box in your house or office, have a look at the given points:

  1. It will provide complete protection to your place from any natural calamities.
  2. It is easy to install and goes a long way.
  3. It does not need extra care. Oiling can be done to avoid any jam while rolling up and down.
  4. It cannot be breakdown easily. So it will protect from theft.
  5. It does not let noise to come to your place.


So from this article, you have known how to open roller shutter box. Additionally, you have also learned about how to install it and its advantages.

You can open the roller shutter box by yourself until and unless it is not electric. As the electric shutter box does not need any force to roll up and down, it is better to take the service from a professional locksmith.

So, if you have a roller shutter door or window, have a complete idea about it to avoid problems related to it.


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