How to open your online casino in 6 steps – 2021 edition

An online casino is a profitable business that, with the right approach, will quickly recoup all initial investments and begin to bring stable profits. However, before engaging in planning, it is necessary to study the order and procedure for organizing this type of business, which has its specifics.

  • Select reliable software providers
  • Unique game content for the site
  • Obtain a license to run a legal gambling business
  • Select payment methods
  • Create a website for an online casino platform
  • Marketing and promotion of a new brand

1. How to choose a reliable provider

First, you need to take care of quality software. Considering proposals from foreign companies, it is necessary to collect information about the general experience of work in this field of activity and then study the reviews of the proposed product.

You should pay attention to the provided games catalog, clarify how long the integration process will take, and ensure individual conditions for cooperation, licenses, operational, technical support.

It is not worth saving on online casino software because only leading manufacturers can guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Suppose it’s not in your best interest to waste time looking for a reliable provider. In that case, MOA gaming is ready to offer a complete package of services, including online casino licensing, more than 2,000 newest games and slots, and even binary options.

2. Choosing game content for an online casino website

It is no secret that gambling novelties attract many more visitors to online casinos. Still, only the best of them motivate players to come back again.

The site must have the most popular and popular slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, bingo, baccarat. Access to the demo version is essential for those who want first to understand the game’s intricacies and only later use the knowledge gained in paid contests.

Practice shows that live casinos with real dealers are the most popular. Due to the live broadcast, the effect of being in an actual gambling establishment is achieved, and this only reinforces the excitement, allowing the player to liberate himself completely. The bookmaker will become a pleasant addition to the player’s piggy bank – sports betting will help dilute the existing gaming applications.

The MOA gaming platform is ready to offer network novelties and the most exciting online games from its partners, which will undoubtedly interest even the most sophisticated player.

3. Obtaining a gambling license

Obtaining a gambling license is the most vital step for which you need to prepare in advance. Before buying a license to operate a gambling business, you should study this area as best as possible.

  • Countries regulating their markets
  • Countries that regulate their markets and contain a monopoly
  • Countries where gambling is prohibited
  • Countries that do not restrict their market

The most popular gambling jurisdictions: Great Britain, Malta, Alderney, Isle of Man, Curacao, Gibraltar. The main factors when choosing a license are its reputation, validity period, and cost.

MOA gaming is ready to offer its assistance in obtaining a license for a Turnkey casino. The process of submitting documents and considering an application may take more than one month. Still, suppose you want to open your online casino as early as possible. In that case, we suggest using our verified license under the White Label casino system.

4. Choice of payment systems and payment methods

For casino customers to have the opportunity to replenish their accounts and withdraw earned funds in any convenient way, an agreement should be concluded with several payment systems. To do this, it is worth choosing the most reliable ones, focusing on the region in which gambling activities will be carried out.

To simplify the task, you need to choose a platform that can provide a full range of services you need: payment processing, multi-currency support, fraud protection, integration with all popular payment systems. MOA gaming offers a functional platform with more than 50 payment methods for your convenience and the convenience of your visitors.

5. Creation of a website for an online casino platform

The website design for online casinos should be of high quality, attractive, and advantageous against similar platforms’ background. An excess of graphic elements can alienate visitors and overload the entire system, which by itself will slow down the launch of page loading.

Also, it is necessary to provide for the presence of high-quality navigation so that the user can easily find the section or tab he needs.

It doesn’t hurt to make sure that transitions from the site to the game provider’s pages or platform are not visible.

To create a unique website and be completely confident in its content, MOA gaming offers to use ready-made templates or make an individual development of a functional and unique resource, taking into account all the client’s wishes.

6. Marketing and subsequent promotion is the final stage of building a website.

When the online casino is ready to launch, you should start developing an effective marketing strategy that will help attract visitors to the site (minimum task) and, in the long run, gain their trust (maximum charge).

To do this, you need to study competitors’ resources, identify their possible mistakes and try to avoid them when working with your platform.

The bonus system and high-quality loyalty programs for regular customers will help retain visitors on the site since it is the quality that favorably positions any product, even such as an online casino.

Summing up, it is evident that there are still difficulties in opening a gambling business, but they can be avoided. To create an effective platform in the shortest possible time, it is better to enlist the support of MOA gaming specialists, which offers many productive solutions for the gambling business’s development and prosperity.