How To Organize An Art Exhibit


If you are an aspiring artist, and you want to give your work as much exposure as possible, you should organize an art exhibit. Before you do though, you should remember that it is not that easy to sell art. Here are some tips on how to organize an art exhibit.

1. Choose A Fitting Location

When it comes to choosing a location for your art exhibit, it is important that it has some particular characteristics. First and foremost, the location should be accessible. If your venue is too far from the main roads, not that many people might come to the event,

Aside from the location of the venue, you should make sure that the venue is large enough to hold your artwork and all visitors that come to the event. It should also be aesthetically pleasing enough to entice people to attend the event.

2. Have A Theme For The Event

If you want your art exhibit to be as cohesive as possible, it is important that you adopt a specific theme for the event. The theme should really depend on what type of art that you will be showing.

3. Market The Event As Early As Possible

If you want as many people to attend your event, it is important that you market the event as early as possible. Remember that the earlier you market the art exhibit, the more chance people will hear of it. When you market your art exhibit, it is important that you utilize social media to post about the event.

It is also imperative that you set up a website for the event, and post all the necessary information about the event. When you design your website, it should be as attractive and easy to use as possible.

4. Choose Your Best Work For The Event

When you run your art exhibit, you should only show your very best work. Remember that you are funding and running this venture, and it would be a waste if you could not showcase the very best of your work.

When you transport your work to the venue, it is important that you keep your work as safe as possible. If you are going to transport your artwork, it is important that you wrap them up in packaging films and bubble wrap. These pieces of equipment will allow you to keep your artwork safe from damage or accidental falls.

5. Have Other Artists Join In

Even though the art exhibit is yours, this does not mean that you could not help other artists out. Remember that you will be funding the project, and this could be very heavy on you. If you could persuade other artists to join the art exhibit, you could ask them to help you out with the expenses.

Just make sure that the main focus of the event is your work.  While they could show off their own work through your art exhibit, your work should still hold pride of place because you are the one that planned this whole venture.

6. Set Up Various Booths

During an exhibit, it always helps to hire a few booths. While the gallery should be your main drawing point, you could also have booths that sell prints of your artwork, and maybe snacks. Your booth could also act as a surface where you and your visitors could have discussions about art, while enjoying a glass of wine. You could also use displays to act as centerpieces for your artworks.

If you are going to invest money in booths and displays, you should try out AplusExpo. This company specializes in creating customized booths and displays and is well known for selling affordable booths and displays.

7. Offer Snacks And Drinks

When you host any kind of exhibit, it is really important that you offer snacks and drinks to your visitors. The meals don’t have to be elaborate or heavy. What’s important is that your guests have the option to eat something as they look at your gallery. If they have an empty stomach, the guest might feel impatient.

When it comes to your choice of snacks and drinks, you should aim for lighter fare such as small sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, or just nuts. As for your drinks, you should avoid alcoholic drinks, because you don’t want your guests to get intoxicated. Instead, it is better if you serve juice, coffee or tea instead.

It’s also a good idea to install hand sanitizers all over the exhibit. Remember that you will be serving mostly finger foods, so they should be able to wash their hands before eating.

8. Display Your Artwork Safely

When it comes to running an art exhibit, it always pays to safely store your artwork. It would be such a waste if your artwork got damaged during the exhibit.

When you set up your artwork, it is very important that you follow proper safety protocols. When you display your artwork you should cover it with a protective glass screen to lessen any chances of the artwork getting damaged.

When you handle your paintings or sculptures, it is important that you use gloves. Remember that there are oils in the palm of your hands that could damage your artwork in the long run.

It is also a good idea that you hire a security guard, and rent out security cameras for your event. Remember that your artwork might be a tempting target for thieves, so it is important that you invest in as much security as possible.


If you are going to organize an art exhibit, it is important that you have a set strategy. Remember that there are a lot of factors that you will need to take into account. With these tips, you will be able to organize a great art exhibit.

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