How To Organize Your Wardrobe


Decluttering and reorganizing your wardrobe can be a time-consuming and demanding process that is nowhere near as effortless as it looks on home design shows.

It takes lots of dedicated planning, energy, and time to reorganize a wardrobe and make it a highly functional operation for your belongings. So much so that you may often feel defeated in the process at the first hurdle, surrounded by heaps of clothing that you no longer wear.

But if your wardrobe is totally organized, it can often feel like you have your life together. Whether you opt to use extra large storage bags for clothes to save space or structure everything by category and style, organizing your wardrobe can make the world of difference.

Begin With A Huge Clear Out

The first thing you should do is bring all of your clothes out of your wardrobe and categorize them into ones you are going to sell, donate, keep, or get rid of.

Before making any decisions about items of clothing you might want to try them on to see if they look and feel right on your body. If you have no connection with the clothing item and it feels wrong on your skin, it should automatically be thrown away and removed from your immediate wardrobe.

Organize By Clothing Type And Season

Once you’ve removed the unwanted items from your wardrobe, you can then shift your attention to organizing what remains. Start by sectioning these bits into types of clothing — such as trousers, bags, and shoes — and then organize them by color if you wish. Separate them in a way that gives you easier access to everything you own.

This will make it easier for you to assess your options, allowing you to quickly make your daily outfit choice according to the time of year or occasion.

Prioritize Expensive Additions

If you’ve been able to treat yourself to the designer bag or dress of your dreams, you must look after it with the respect it deserves. To start, you should keep designer items in the dust bags or boxes that they come in to prevent them from deforming.

If your wardrobe has some strategic shelving then you could utilize this space to store your designer shoes or bags. Not only are they kept safe from the chaos of the rest of your belongings but they are also far enough off the floor that they are far from any potential hazards.

Edit, Edit, Edit!

There is a general rule that for each new item you purchase, you must throw out an older one in its place. If you don’t take the steps to continuously edit your wardrobe then you may become overwhelmed by a huge volume of items that don’t fit with your current style or no longer fit you the way they once did.

Editing your wardrobe as you go ensures that you have less to choose from in the morning rush to get ready for school or work. This will save you lots of precious time and energy in situations when the clock is truly against you.

Think Twice Before You Buy

It’s in our nature to be swayed by pretty things. If you’re browsing online or in-person and find an item you just have to have, you need to stop and think about whether you truly need the item or if it is just an impulse purchase.

If it’s an item of clothing, spend time considering how you would style it with the other wardrobe staples you own. If you struggle to think of outfits using this item then it might not be for you, and you might want to look elsewhere for a new clothing item.

To prevent yourself from making such impulse purchases you should research the pieces that you like, save them, and then sleep on the decision. If you’re still feeling a burning desire to have the item as part of your wardrobe then take the initiative to purchase it.


Organizing your wardrobe will likely be a time-consuming task that will require lots of focus, determination, and a ruthless mindset. After all, the goal is to reduce the number of items you own — and you cannot do this if you focus on your sentimental attachment to the clothing.

Feel free to use a strict system featuring strong hangers to separate your clothing items into different categories for easier access, or simply organize them in a way that best suits you and your preferences.

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