How to Pack Clothes for Moving


One factor that makes relocating tasking is when you have to pack, most especially clothes. As a result of this, many people would prefer leaving or disbursing them. In this case, you can rely on professionals from who ensure that all your belongings are securely packed and safely delivered to your final destination.

There are also many creative ways to pack with little stress and organization. This guide describes some interesting and useful hacks for organizing your garments.

 Steps to Packing

1. Appraise Wardrobe

Before you pack, you will need to assess every piece of clothing you may have. This way, you know the up-to-date ones and those you wouldn’t need anymore. But, making this selection won’t be easy. Try placing the pieces on a hanger or laying them on the bed.

2. Unclutter Wardrobe

After appraising the wardrobe, it is now time to disburse every clothing piece you do not wish to keep. Making this decision might be difficult as you might own valuable items that hold meaning to you. It all boils down to your decision. If you do decide to unclutter, try donating gently-used pieces and selling those in condition.

3. Launder Your Clothes

Garments need to be clean and stain-free. But always remember that there is a proper way of removing stains from your garments.  You might get tempted to pack them without laundering them. But, this is no way right. It could lead to damage, especially on sensitive and light-duty dresses. So, wash all pieces, then leave them to dry before folding them.

4. Purchase Supplies for Relocating

When you move without some home essentials, it may be difficult to pack your clothes. So, consider buying a suitcase, vacuum or duffel bag, and a cardboard or wardrobe box.

Some Interesting and Useful Hacks for Relocating

1. Folding Everyday Outfits

Even folding garments can be art because of three different artistic methods that make folding easy. But whichever one you choose works the same magic. So, pick the one that works best for you.

  • The Military Rolling technique: This technique saves space and keeps away wrinkles. It is the most common technique of all. To try this technique, put the shirt on the floor, and holding the underside, flip it inside out. Next, the sleeves and a part of the shirt you have folded to the center. Take the other part and fold with the first part. Then, roll the shirt from the top downwards. Once you do this, check for a hollow at the underside of the shirt and flip it inside-out. It protects your clothing from dirt.
  • The KonMari technique: with this method, you arrange dresses by category instead of location.
  • The flat fold: This is last on our tips for folding clothes. With this technique as the simplest of all, it means that you can easily pack and unfold items. To try this hack, place the cloth on a bed or hard surface, wrap its sides and turn the sleeves to their middle. You may observe some wrinkling, smooth them out. After this, wrap the underside of the shirt up. For pants, try wrapping one pant leg over the other. Repeat and fold three times.

How to Pack Hanging Clothes for Moving

To pack garments meant for hanging without folding them, can cause wrinkle, or tear. So, try wrapping them properly. To do this, put the piece in a garment bag to avoid dirt and dust on its surface. If you choose not to use a garment bag, a cardboard and wardrobe box works the same way. The different compartments make it easy to keep clothes straight and clean.

Another way to fold shirts is using a reusable trash bag. To use this method, place gears on the hanger and put them inside the bag. Then, tighten the drawstring on the hanger hook while securing the bottom with a plastic band.

How to Pack Clothes in Boxes for Moving

A more saving option for folding clothes is by using a casing. Preferably, one made of cardboard or wardrobe box. A cardboard box is cost-efficient and low-priced. One thing that matters in using this box is the size. After knowing the size you want, check sturdiness and durability to avoid stains.

After this, place a packing towel inside your box. Once you do this, seal the topmost opening with tape.

Meanwhile, the wardrobe box works differently. To use this box, place the underside of the box up and seal the opening. Next, securely place the hanger bar and start packing. After doing this, makes sure to seal with tape.


Moving with lots of garments can be stressful and can hole up wardrobe space, especially when the one in your new home is small. Make sure to assess and fold them well before packing.

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