How to perform analysis in basketball betting

Betters in many countries greatly underestimate basketball as an option to make money on bets. Knowing how to analyze matches correctly, you can get a stable income. And the website will be an excellent assistant in the analysis. Here you can find all the relevant information about past, current, and upcoming games.

To be successful in basketball betting, one is required to understand the key features of the sport and understand how to determine the most likely outcome of a particular match. Often bookmakers offer higher odds for basketball games than for other disciplines. But making money on these bets is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Being successful requires the following:

  • to study statistics, as well as forecasts and insights of experts;
  • to understand how to conduct pre-match analysis without assistance;
  • to know and take into account the trends and patterns of betting on basketball;
  • to understand the rules and finest details of this discipline, because even the slightest nuances can affect the result of the bet. 

The main factors in the analysis of basketball matches

In any sport, including basketball, there are many seemingly insignificant factors that together can greatly affect the outcome of a battle. A correct analysis of the upcoming match is impossible if you do not take them into account.

But analyzing basketball games is much easier than, for example, football games. Firstly, teams have half the number of players, and secondly, games are held much more often, so it is easier to draw conclusions about the physical fitness of teams and to find other important information.

Let’s consider what key factors should be paid attention to when analyzing matches.

Physical fitness of teams

Experienced bettors will agree that physical downturns are less common among basketball players than among football players, and if this situation happens, it is much easier to track it. In a week, basketball teams play two to four games and if the analysis is carried out on the basis of the last five matches, then the information will be completely up-to-date. After all, five matches in basketball will take a little more than a week, and in football, teams can spend a whole month for the same number of games.

Performance in the home and away games

It is worth paying attention to how the teams play on their own court and in away games. Some clubs show a stable game, regardless of the location. Others depend heavily on the support of their stands. This is especially true of the championships in countries such as Serbia and Turkey, where the fans of the hosts practice psychological abuse towards the opposing team.

Statistics of head-to-head meetings

All teams have uncomfortable or statement rivals. Therefore, it is always necessary to analyze head-to-head meetings, especially in basketball, where teams meet quite frequently. Often, the leading team in the season easily beats the statement rivals, while a certain club from the bottom of the standings creates a lot of problems for the favorite in every personal confrontation. A lot of things depend on the style of play and the selection of players.

Motivation and position in the table

The motivation of basketball players is quite a significant factor for the analysis of upcoming matches. Even an obvious outsider can easily defeat an unmotivated favorite. It is always worth paying attention to the standings. If the favorite has already achieved its basic tasks for the season and makes it to the playoffs in any case, the players may lose the motivation to do their best. Often in such games, athletes do not take unnecessary risks to avoid getting injured and save energy for more important confrontations. Often, in such cases coaches let the reserve basketball players come on the court. This will greatly affect the performance of the team, and the underdog will have a chance to win the meeting despite the high odds of the bookmakers for such an outcome.

Match schedule

The schedule has a significant impact on the teams’ performances. Some teams faced easy-to-win opponents, while others may accumulate fatigue due to statement confrontations. In the USA, the schedule is actually divided into series. After the end of home matches, the team will have to face long-range flights. In such cases, the depth of the bench and the quality of the substitutes are decisive factors.

Injuries and disqualifications

Experienced bettors always analyze the composition of the teams before the match. Due to the fact that there are half as many players on the basketball court as on the football field, the absence of one of the leaders of the team can seriously affect its actions and performance. If an athlete regularly scores about 20 points or even more per match, plays effectively on rebounds, or starts most attacks, it will be more difficult for the rest of the players to confront the opponent in his absence.

Therefore, you should always follow the news from reputable sources. Many platforms provide an indicative line-up of teams before the match and list all players absent for whatever reason. One of these services is Scores 24.

Personal statistics

Each player on the court has his own functions. Therefore, checking if key players are to be absent is not the only reason to analyze the line-ups.

As a rule, coaches announce the squad for the game several hours before the start. It is necessary to carefully analyze the tactics, performance, and other characteristics of basketball players. Often the starting lineup determines the style in which the team will play. It can be an attacking game with a quick movement to the opponent’s half, or a game aimed at holding the opponent back with slow rallies. This analysis is especially useful when betting on total and handicap.


The analysis of basketball matches is the key to success when it comes to betting at bookmakers. Without a preliminary analysis of the match, you cannot win over the bookmaker in a long run, because if you leave out of account some factors, it will result in misfires and annoying losses of the game pot. With the help of the Scores 24 service, both professional players and beginners in betting will be able to conduct in-depth analysis.