How to Perform Property Cleanouts and Junk Removal

Are you planning a complete property cleanout? Do you intend to remove all the interior junk? Read this article to learn how.

Whether you are trying to sell your house or are simply looking to switch apartments – transitioning between homes can be exciting and stressful at the same time. In most cases, you will find that you have an abundance of junk items that you have no intention of taking with you to your new home. If you want to hire the best junk removal company, go to

Many people do not respond wisely under such circumstances and throw away most of their junk. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but it surely is a massive waste, as you would soon learn as you progress through this content. The purpose of this article is to inform you about the many different methods that you can remove (or reuse) your old junk with the utmost efficiency. We will also discuss the pros if you consider residential dumpster rental.

What to Do if You Own a Portable Home?

There are many different types of portable homes that are being used around the world. Among them, some of the most common ones are RVs, Motorhomes, and Campers. All these are – more or less – the same in terms of functionality.

Camper and RV (Recreational Vehicle) are generic terms, and whenever someone refers to these, they generally mean a trailer or a vehicle equipped with a home to live in. Campers can also refer to trailers that require a secondary vehicle, like a tow truck, to move.

Many portable homeowners feel the need to dispose of the entire house after years of continued use. After all, these homes tend to be fragile and lack the durability to keep being used for decades. Under these circumstances, the entire house is considered a colossal piece of junk that needs to be removed.

Junk RV removal requires a significant level of expertise. You would need to hire dedicated professionals who would provide you with estimates about the job and go on to take the wheels of the entire project. The task is not easy. The junk removal crew would need to go through every aspect of the job and carefully decide how to take care of it. The same can be said about Motorhomes and Campers.

Taking a DIY approach to such a complex job can prove to be a step too far for any individual. Owners usually try to get rid of these houses when matters go way out of hand. It is common to find filthy, hazardous material in the interior, which requires some serious expertise to deal with. Make sure you do your research and only opt for the option that is best suited depending on the circumstances.

How to Get Rid of All the Junk?

Property cleanouts are necessary every once in a while. This helps keep the interior and exterior clean and reduces the risk of health hazards that arise from storing junk for years.

Cleanouts can be a result of many things: it may be because of you finishing up on the lease or simply wanting to perform a yearly cleanout in general. The job can turn overwhelming when it comes to removing large appliances, household items, and furniture.

Thus, it is up to you to decide on which path to take to get rid of all the junk for good. The following sections briefly explain some key strategies that you can follow. We suggest you avoid sticking to one particular technique and make use of them all, depending on the materials intended for removal.

Make Donations

Instead of simply throwing all the junk into a dumpster, you can opt for making donations and, in turn, contributing to society. This not only is an honorable thing to do but is also a step that will raise your reputation in the community. We often own things that we do not have any use for. Materials like worn-out clothes and old footwear can directly help a member of the community who needs clothing.

Even if you do not want to visit donation boxes, you can contact many organizations that would be more than willing to come to your home and take the donations from you.

You can easily donate relatively larger items like old appliances, damaged furniture, faulty electronic gadgets, fitness equipment, and much more. Many organizations can take these off of you and put them to good use after repairs and refurbishments. Making donations not only helps the ones that are in need but also contributes to keeping junk away from junkyards – helping the environment in the process.

RePurpose the “Junk”

There are plenty of ways in which you can use the junk materials again. All you need is to identify these ways. With the right methods, you either recycle or upcycle many regular household products. You can also reuse certain items for years to come after the refurbishing. The following sections are intended to shed some light on these matters.


If you know the proper methods, you will be able to recycle a handful of items from your junk pile. Products made of metal, wood, glass, foam, and even fibers can easily be recycled. Even your old appliances and electronics can be refurbished. Do some research, and you are sure to find an ample amount of recycling guides online.


Upcycling is also a brilliant way of using junk materials again. However, this is a creative method and requires thinking out of the box. An example can be turning a desk drawer into a plant bed or attaching footings to an old door to make a table. Start thinking of innovative solutions, and soon you will have plenty of ideas for upcycling some of your junk.


While this might sound like a general term for both recycling and upcycling, in reality, reusing is slightly different. In this, the same materials are used for mostly the same job. For instance, instead of throwing away an old milk bottle, you can simply start holding milk in it again. The same can be said about almost any container, jar, or can. Plastic bags are also fine examples of materials that can easily be reused.

Sell Everything

If you think the junk is too ruined for donations or reuse or are only looking to make some money out of it, you can try selling them all. There is nothing wrong with it as the money can be used to help in future projects, or even the existing ones.

There are two methods of selling junk that you can choose from. You can either go the offline route or can resort to online means. Detailed explanations follow in the sections below.

Offline Sale

There are two options in general: garage sale and estate sale. The former is when a session is arranged by you, within your property, when random people can come in and purchase materials from you.

The pricing is dependent on you, although we suggest keeping the prices logical. If you belong to a small community, it will help you advertise the selling session to let members of distant communities know about it. These sales usually take place in (or outside) garages – hence the name.

As for estate sales, this is when you relay the junk selling responsibilities to an independent organization that specializes in such tasks. This way, you would not be handling the junk on your own – in exchange for a fee.

Online Sale

When it comes to online sales, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. Platforms like Craigslist and eBay stand out among them. On these websites, you can provide a detailed list of all the products you wish to sell. If the products are enticing enough and the prices feasible, soon you will see a lot of offers coming in.

You will have ample time to decide which offers to consider and which to reject. Follow this method and prepare yourself to be amazed at how fast the junk gets sold off from your property.

Hire a Junk Removal Service

If you do not want any part in the mess, you can hire a professional junk removal service. These companies specialize in junk removal and have all the right equipment to carry out the task in the most efficient manner. The way they handle junk is fast, clean, and highly productive. Thus, hiring a junk removal service not only saves you from the most challenging parts of property cleanouts but also ensures that the junk is disposed of in the right manner.

Final Words

Property cleanouts tend to be more comprehensive compared to regular cleanings. Thus, taking things step by step, room by room, is the best way to attempt this. We suggest you visualize the outcome and take motivation from it. After all, the task requires a lot of effort. Make sure you have all the necessary information before opting for a cleanout.