How to Pick A Master Key Lock?


Have you lost your keys? Or left keys at home? Sometimes, we face such situations and need to get out of the problem. This is when you need to know how to pick a master key lock.

Here, learn some instant techniques about unlocking the master key lock. So, you don’t have to call any locksmiths even. Many Depannage Serrurier Bruxelles use these techniques. Read it all without skipping and become a junior locksmith!

How To Pick a Master key lock?

We will discuss some common tricks here about picking your master key lock. Here it goes!

Try a Hook!

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can apply. First, you have to collect a hook from the market, and it’s also available in multiple sizes. Pick the right pin wisely so that you can unlock your lower secured master lock with a simple push.

No need for practice, just to know the picking process! You may find a different level of heads among those hooks, just pick the right one.

Only the right one enters into your lock without any force! What you have to do is spring it or roll it to check the tension. What is suited to it will easily fit in. Or try the next head!

Try Bobby Pin/ Paperclip

To avoid the hassle of searching hooks in an urgent situation, you can easily try your bobby pin or the paperclip you are carrying right then!

  • Bend the end of your pin with a ninety-degree angle to create a tension wrench. For single pick, unbend the pin and bend only the flat portion slightly upward.
  • In the case of a paperclip, unbend all loops except the bottom one. Bend the flat end and turn the rest to a ninety-degree angle. For a single pick, unbend another clip for half and bend the rest to slightly upwards.
  • Now insert the bent portion to the keyhole
  • Rotate the bent portion like an original key; But it won’t go far so, insert it as long as it can go and maintain the pressure
  • Insert the single pick as far as it can go with the previous one
  • Push the pin gently top to bottom until something goes upward
  • While pushing up, the internal pin will auto-rotate, catch that for not falling back
  • Keep pushing the rest of the pin and the pick until pop open
  • Pull out the pin and also the tension wrench

Try Rakes!

The rakes are used to pick the high-secured master locks. This is the push and pull method where you have to insert the rake deeply to the lock. Slide the rake until pins are found, put tension there, and pull it quickly. Do it until pops get widely opened!

Sometimes, rakes vary for their design, but it is recommended that rakes with most peaks and valleys are the best because it works as the original key does! You can easily buy this from the market. You may also find a lock picking kit.

If you find out the tension wrench inside the lock, pay small pressure, insert the rake a little bit deep until it reaches the center, and keeps pushing gently. It may take some time, but it will unlock the master lock.

Tips to Remember

  • Avoid unnecessary pressure while using the pin; otherwise, it will bend and spoilt or even stuck in
  • Use lubricants for smoothness like oils, soap liquid, etc.
  • Go with the tension wrench because it will direct you
  • Maintain the entire process with patience
  • Watch a trial video before trying
  • Ask the help of your neighbors for lock picking kits if you don’t find any
  • Ask the help of your neighbors to do this
  • Use only the flexible pin
  • Practice it at home when you are free

Crack the Code without breaking it!

See what a simple pin can do! To avoid our person, just collect the pick kits to manage such a situation by yourself. You can also avoid the cost of hiring a locksmith or even breaking down your master locks if you learn how to pick the master lock with a simple tool. Along with those, you can save your time and mental pressure.



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