How to Pick Solar Contractors: The Complete Guide for Homeowners


If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar, you’ve got a few challenges ahead of you. They reap major rewards in the end, however. Not only do homeowners with solar panels reduce their carbon footprint, but they also save an average of $12,000 a year including federal tax credits.

When it’s time to pick solar contractors, you should consider getting multiple quotes. This will help you find the lowest prices in your area and it can also help you understand more about the solar installation experience.

You should also ask for a very detailed quote with project specifications when considering your solar contractor options. This will help you with comparing solar contractors because it will give you a chance to see exactly how each business is going to bill you for labor and parts.

How to Pick Solar Contractors

There are several strategies when it comes to picking a contractor for your residential solar system.

It’s a wise idea to begin reading online reviews. While they are almost inherently all negative, you can glean a good bit of information from most of the reviews if you take everything that is said into consideration.

Next, you should could multiple contractors come out and give you a quote. A decent solar contractor will offer you advice in terms of your needs and your budget. They will also provide you with a very detailed spec sheet, project overview, and point-by-point cost list.

If they seem to hesitate on these things, take notice. This not only applies to your effort to pick solar contractors, it applies to hiring a contractor for any job. If they’re not willing to offer you a detailed quote and project overview that you agree to before the work starts, beware.

Let Them Do Your Homework

Here’s a sneaky tip – find a trusted contractor online and have them give you the big-time detailed specification and project overview sheet, you’ll have your own personal spec sheet by which to measure other contractors.

Likely, the company that provides you with this detailed project overview with a quote is going to be the one that you choose, but it’s always worth shopping around.

This first contractor is going to be the one that makes you look educated to the next four or five contractors that you’d like to interview. Study the terminology and prices so that you can at least act like you have a seat at the table with the next business to do your solar work, this site for instance.

Make Sure You’re Looking in the Right Region

Regions of the United States vary in the amount of solar energy that they receive. Before you think about the process to pick solar contractors, you need to do some deep-dive research.

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