How to Pick the Right Casino Games for you


People have been gambling on games for thousands of years. There is evidence that as far back as 1900BC gambling was thriving in ancient China. Over the years different countries and regions have banned and then legalised gambling and regardless of whether it is prohibited or not people continue to gamble.

People like playing games and when there is an added possibility of making a profit then it can add a thrill to some people. The thing with gambling like all things is that it should be done in moderation. It is easy to lose money and throw more money after it chasing that elusive big win.

If you are looking to start playing in a traditional or online casino then you may have an idea of what sort of games you want to try. Perhaps you are a complete newcomer and are just interested to see what is available. How do you go about choosing the right games to suit you? It will come down to some personal preferences but there are other factors to consider.

Personal preferences

You want to have fun while playing. This should be the number one priority before you think about trying to win money. Very few people make a living out of gambling and many, many more lose everything so firstly you want to find something you enjoy.

You probably already have an idea of what sort of game you want to play. If it is card based then your choices will generally be poker, blackjack, baccarat and video poker. The first three can be played in traditional casinos and online. The differences between these games is the house edge and the skill required to play them. More on this later.

If you like luck based, fast moving games then roulette or craps may be better options and if it is something simple and flashy you like then slot machines are the obvious choice. Any online casino will have a range of slots. Craps and roulette are likely to be more fun to play in a land based casino than online. Be aware though that there is more to craps than meets the eye and reading up on the rules for any game you play is essential. You might also want to read some casino reviews about any of the online sites you are considering using.

Horses, football and other sports betting

Perhaps it isn’t so much the casino games that interest you but gambling itself. Online casinos can offer virtual horse racing (as can some traditional ones) and they take sporting bets too for football, basketball, soccer and other matches.

What device you have may decide what you play

These days casino companies are at pains to optimise their games and websites for all devices to maximise the amount of potential players. If you decide you want to play games online instead of visiting a land based casino then it is likely your smartphone is sufficient. However some games may not be so easy to see on a small screen. Some card games like poker can be difficult to read because of the small display area. It may be that you cannot play some games satisfactorily on a smaller device.


You don’t have to just stick to standard online casino games. Some online casinos have an area for bingo and there are many dedicated bingo sites available to join. You can play these for free or for real money depending on which app or site you choose. They often have chat room facilities so they bring an area of social interaction that has been missing during the recent lockdowns. If you prefer to visit a site with real people there are still many traditional bingo halls running as long as social distancing hasn’t forced too many restrictions upon them.

House edge

The house edge or vig as it is sometimes known is the percentage that the casino expects to win. Over time the casino should always make a profit according to this percentage. Games with the lowest house edge are blackjack and baccarat. Craps can also have a low house edge.

The chances of winning against the house should have some influence on which game you choose. If you want a card game then blackjack is the obvious one to try first due to its simplicity. There are however strategies that you should spend time learning to help improve your chances of winning.

Luck and skill based games

As mentioned above there are a variety of games that rely more or less on skill and luck. Many people find slots fun to play but skill based games give you a slightly better possibility of winning. Games like poker however might be best left to the seasoned veterans at first. If you choose to play online against real people you could find your bankroll disappearing very fast.

Social interaction

One thing you might want to consider when choosing which game is for you is how much social interaction do you want? If it is a card game you are playing there could be a certain level of chat at the table and if it was bingo then you are likely to spend most of the time with you head down trying to blot numbers on your cards. If you choose to stay home and play online then you could choose a live dealer casino as then you will still have a real life dealer there that you can interact with. Some of the live casinos let you talk to your fellow players too although you cannot see them and they cannot see you.


If you choose to play online then it is also worth searching for sign up bonuses when you choose where to play. This is often free money to play with. Companies want you to choose them and a casino online bonus is one way they use to entice you to sign up.


Whichever game you choose, remember it is supposed to be fun. You don’t have to gamble real money online as there are many free to play games too. If you do play for cash then play responsibly and within your own set limits and look for respected and secure websites.

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