How to pick the right mouse exterminator

It’s important to find the right person or company when you’re looking for a mouse exterminator to come into your home or business and – hopefully – eradicate every single sign that the mice were ever there. Unfortunately, there are ‘bad’ companies and professionals out there, who will take your money, perform a job that is definitely less than competent, and then never return your frantic calls for help again. In fact, we’ve even been called to a few properties to put things right for rodent damage that was not completed.

If you want to pick the right mouse exterminator for you and your property, here’s what we recommend:

1. Shop around

Don’t be tempted to click on the first result for ‘mouse exterminator’ that Google has to offer you. Instead, have a little look around to see how many companies there are offering the service in the local area. You may find that one company offers a free initial consultation and property inspection, whereas another one offers a longer warranty period.

You’ll also likely find quite a big range in prices. It’s wise to remember that the most expensive service won’t always mean the best one, and the cheapest service won’t always be the worst.

2. Ask questions

If you have any questions about what your mouse exterminator is going to do on your property, or you just want more information on how the process will play out, ask questions. Ask lots of them! Any mouse exterminator/rodent control technician worth their weight in gold will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. The more educated you – the property owner – is about rats, mice, and other rodents, the closer we’ll get to being able to get the infestations under control.

At the moment, rodent infestations are almost at a point where they are growing to an out-of-control state.

3. Ask for recommendations

Your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances aren’t going to recommend a company to you that they have had bad experiences with, though they might tell you all about those bad experiences. What they will do, however, is tell you which companies they wouldn’t hesitate to put their trust in.

Many of our customers are told about our services by people who have hired us in the past and we proud of the glowing testimonials we receive. In fact, that brings us nicely to our next point …

4. Check for testimonials or reviews

Any website worth its weight in gold will have testimonials or reviews from happy customers somewhere on their site or social media pages. You should read them! A quick flick through the reviews will give you an idea of whether that company or professional will be worth your money. If there are a lot of bad reviews, or lots of SUPER positive reviews that appear to be exactly the same, there’s a chance that your company isn’t one to trust. If there are a lot of mixed reviews, with both good and bad things to say, but overall good, however, the company is well-received and is likely to offer you a decent and effective service.

5. What do you want from your mouse exterminator?

Do you want someone to come in, remove the mice, cleanup the waste, and then sanitize the areas? Perhaps some repairs and restorations, alongside property modifications, thrown in for good measure? That’s exactly the kind of service that we can offer you, but different companies and professionals will offer different things. Some will just trap and remove, for example, without the cleanup and sanitation at the end.

Most mouse exterminators will work with you to find a treatment package that suits, including educating you on the aspects you can take care of yourself, should you want to.

You do need to have a rough idea of how extensively you’d like your mouse exterminator to work, and also what kind of outcome you’d like. We don’t recommend using poisons, or hiring companies/professionals who use poison. In most cases, the outcome is a sea of dead rodent bodies decomposing in the building, often in tough-to-reach and out-of-the-way areas. You may find that using poison requires you to get involved and go looking for dead rodents a lot more frequently than you’d like to … or keep calling that professional to come out and do it for you.

If you ever have any questions about rodent control or mouse extermination, please feel free to give us a call. Our office lines are answered around the clock and we will ensure that you find the best course of treatment for you, your building, and your budget!