How To Pick The Right Phone Booth?


Phone booths come in various models, ranging from larger units to no-frills cubicles with motion-activated fans and lights. As companies encourage flex time, employ more remote workers, expand supplier reach, and improve productivity, communication lines must be accessible at all times. A designated area to engage in video conferencing discussing your project has huge advantages. A phone booth room provides a private area where you can engage in a seamless calling and video conferencing experience.  See this solution here in this article as you read on. Here are a few factors that you should consider before selecting the ideal phone booth for your office.

1. Number of Employees.

Every office has a different culture. The employees follow different protocols and have a way of doing day-to-day activities differently. Work culture is influenced by multiple factors, like the industry, the office hierarchy, and the number of members.

Give a thought about how this culture determines the way your team members work. Are group or collaborative activities common in your office? Do the employees mostly work in groups of two, three, four, or five? Do they spend a considerable amount of time over the phone talking to customers or clients?

Just because you have a larger space for a phone booth doesn’t mean you require a large one. Depending on the office’s work culture and needs of the employees, opt for the one that will prove to be most useful.

2. Acoustics

Phone booths are usually built with good acoustics in mind. You can take a quick test for acoustics. Select a song that you like with varying volumes and play it on a wireless speaker. Keep the speaker inside the booth and test how much sound is leaking out. If you are satisfied and happy with this test, you can move on to the next step.

3. Claustrophobia

All phone booths are created in different ways. Area, lighting, and air circulation are important factors to consider while building a phone booth. If not taken care of, it can easily shift from a feeling of privacy to anxiety. It is necessary to ensure that the airflow is adequate for a duration of 20 – 30 mins at least, and the area of a single-person phone booth does not make you feel like you are confined in an upright coffin. There are no set global standards, so you need to try to know what suits you.

4. Sustainability

Environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials are the future. You should look for materials that do not impact the environment negatively. Materials such as wood, glue, etc., can be selected keeping in mind the safety of the environment. This will help promote a safe and sound environment for the team to take their calls or meetings.

5. Mobility & Disability

Booths or pods are an asset for a company. They are supposed to be mobile or at least should be moved around easily as per the requirement. They should be easy to assemble and disassemble. Most phone booths are step-in booths that are built 6 inches above the floor level. If a person who is disabled needs access to the phone booth by using a wheelchair, make sure that you choose floor-level booths to enable easy access.

To make the workspace more productive and collaborative, you should have a healthy balance of open spaces and private spaces. The ideal recommended ratio of private space to open space is 1:4. Your office culture and application might require a different ratio that suits your organizational needs and requirements.

6. Installation

Select a phone booth that can be easily installed. This will save a lot of your time and effort. Some phone booths are also pre-assembled or easy to put and may not need to set them up. Some manufacturers also install mobile phone booths, which can be moved around easily. Also, if the phone booth doesn’t seem functional, one should uninstall it easily.

7. Cost

As a business owner, you understand the importance of cost. The larger the size of the booth, the costlier it gets to install it. It is essential to keep in mind the number of employees who will regularly use the phone booth. If your employees frequently work in groups of three to five. It is best to select the size accordingly. A smaller booth may be cheap compared to a larger one, but if it cannot be used to its full potential, there’s no point in installing it in your office.

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