How To Place Bets On Dota 2?

Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports games around the globe. With millions of fans playing and watching live broadcasts, it’s no wonder that many gamblers also take an interest in betting on Dota 2 matches.

That’s said, new players can be overwhelmed with the available betting options. In addition, only some websites offer information that can help players bet Dota 2 matches properly. So, our goal for this article is to address the following points:

  • some basics of the game;
  • betting guide on Dota 2 matches;
  • expert advice for making well-thought wagers;

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to get good profitability when betting on Dota 2 matches. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Dota 2?

To begin with, Defence of the Ancients 2 is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) video game. It is a strategy game in which two teams of five players compete against each other. The objective of each team is to try to destroy the base (the Ancient) or ancestor of its opponent (Old One). These teams are called Radiant and Dire.


Players will first choose their heroes out of 113 available characters. Each hero has their characteristics that coincide in the following:

  • strength;
  • agility;
  • intelligence;
  • ability.

These can be enhanced if players buy NPC (non-player character) items designated along the map, with the gold they get from killing creeps or enemy heroes.


The map has three lanes in which the enemy creeps are:

  • top lane: with the left and top edges of the map;
  • mid or middle lane: with a jungle area in between;
  • bot or bottom lane: with the bottom and right edges of the map.

Each lane is defended by its towers and its main base on which these creeps are generated. Also, there are several paths that go to the forest where you can find neutral creeps that can provide gold and experience bonuses.


Typically, there are three phases of the game:

  • laning stage: the start of the game, which sets pace, map control, gold and experience advantage.
  • mid stage: teams run around the map and start destroying towers.
  • late stage: the last stage, where fights happen between teams with destroying the enemy Ancient.

As the game progresses, players gain experience, which allows them to improve their skills and strength. Therefore, teams must ensure they have an adequate balance in the different roles. Otherwise, they will be easily defeated by more skillful teams.


There are Dota 2 tournaments hosted practically all year round. The most outstanding event is the International, where the best teams meet. This tournament is played for two weeks, featuring juice cash prizes and giving plenty of opportunities to bet on Dota 2.

After this quick summary, let us find out how to wager on this modality to make good gains.

How to place bets on Dota 2?

If you have already placed bets on eSports, the truth is that there is not a lot of difference between wagering on Dota 2 and other disciplines. Nevertheless, it is worth reviewing some key points when placing your bets on that game.

Below, there is a step-by-step guide on how to make a wager on Dota 2 matches:

  1. Search for a betting site with a great variety of competitions and high odds.
  2. Create and verify your betting account to be able to deposit through various means of payment.
  3. Log in to your account and enter the eSports section.
  4. Find the available Dota 2 competitions.
  5. Select the event and betting market to wager on.
  6. Add this bet  to your wagering ticket.
  7. Set a deposit amount and place the bet.

However, before you go out betting on the first event and the first market you find, define a strategy.

Dota 2 Strategy

Understanding the game and other conditions affecting a match will help you minimize the risks of losing money and ensure greater chances of having successful bets. So, the basic strategy should include the following aspects:

  1. Control your bankroll management: set the initial minimum bankroll amount you will invest in each bet.
  2. Choose your bank management strategy: decide what method suits you best (the unit method, fixed bet, Kelly’s method, etc.).
  3. Select a good bet value: evaluate the odds value of an event and choose with discretion the markets you fancy a wager.
  4. Check the game history: collect the information of the previous performance of each team (shape, face to face, etc.).
  5. Make a detailed analysis: check the alignments of the equipment and see if there are any modifications before placing a bet.
  6. Watch live broadcasts: find out how matches unfold so you can modify your bets.

Knowing and following the tips above are fundamental for any bettor. Finally, we recommend you play Dota 2 a few times as it will help you to feel the game better and make well-thought predictions.