How to Plan a Simple Funeral in Hitchin


They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes, and with the UK’s cost of living crisis and other expenses spiralling out of control, it is no wonder that end-of-life is one area people are looking to cut costs. This explains the growing popularity of Simple and Direct Funerals in Hitchin, with many variations of simplicity creating unique ways to say goodbye. These are available for an unexpected passing or can be prepared ahead of time for those who wish to pre-plan their own funeral. Whichever is more relevant to your current situation, it’s helpful to be aware of the services and options available for Simple Funeral arrangements.

Now you may also be trying to figure out what is a simple funeral and how can you arrange one? Will they suit my or my family’s requirements? What can I expect? As always, the answer will depend on you and your wants, plus the funeral director you choose. We’ve broken down the most important aspects to get you started on making this big decision.

What Is A Simple Funeral?

Simple Funeral planning focuses on keeping the basics in place while considering the deceased’s individual life, interests and experiences. As required, respect for traditions is maintained where requested, with arrangements veering into the modern and traditional territories. A Simple is often more minimal but can include lavish and over-the-top additions too. What’s most important to consider is crafting a meaningful send-off without any unnecessary extras that blow out the budget. This may look like a simple casket, with no visiting or perhaps limited floral arrangements to focus funds on the essential areas for the individual and their loved ones.

What is the Simplest Option?

This would most certainly be a Direct Funeral, which comes in two types: Direct Cremation and Direct Burial. A Direct Cremation is the cheapest funeral option that is still legally compliant with UK requirements for a stripped-back, legal cremation. Direct Burial is the same stripped-back approach but with the additional cost of a burial plot required. Both of these options fulfil all the UK legal requirements for death. They are popular for those looking for minimal fuss and affordability.

The Increasing Popularity of Simple Funerals

With the reduced costs associated with each, the simple and direct options are evermore exceedingly popular around the UK. It’s really a shame that funerals come with such high prices at such a difficult time. Yet, these options help lighten the load somewhat, reducing the unnecessarily high costs of a traditional funeral. Others seek simplicity in passing, while other social and philosophical reasons may come into play with this choice of funeral. These may include the departure from or adherence to a particular religion or spiritual practice or a preference for explicit rites and traditions linked to death that allow for simplicity.

Choose a Simple Funeral with County

If a Simple Funeral in Hitchin is right for you, consider County Funerals for guaranteed peace of mind, respect and dignity for everyone involved.


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