How to Play Online Casinos in Hong Kong

Online gambling takes the world by storm, and no wonder that gamblers in the countries that take gambling seriously enough to regulate it become more interested in online gambling opportunities rather than land based facilities. Obviously online is cheaper, more available, more convenient, and more fun! Hong Kong is not an exception, and so many punters from Hong Kong are looking for ways to gamble legally from that location.

In fact, finding a reliable online casino Hong Kong is a task as complicated as one may think of. There are tons of betting parlors that prefer local players as their customers. And yet, a very natural question might arise about if this is even legal, if this is technically possible, what one requires to play it safe, etc.

Well, to learn how to play online parlors in Hong Kong, it is important to know the rules.

Legitimacy of Gambling in Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Macau are two places in China where legal gambling is possible (hint: because in the rest of the country, this is a completely illegal activity which is a criminal offense).

Hong Kong is a huge gambling hub where both residents and tourists visit legal venues to make real money bets on games and sports. However, offline gambling is a monopoly of the well-known Hong Kong Jockey Club. As for online parlors, this is way more complicated.

In fact, proper legislation was only developed for land based facilities. Does this make online gambling illegal? That depends!

Land Based Casinos

In fact, there are no legal land based casinos as such; facilities operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club are mostly all about sports betting and lotteries (which is better than nothing of course).

The reason why there are no casino houses is because the local government had no intention of competing with Macau.

Some passionate gamblers may want to take a cruise on a ship to sail to international waters in order to play casino on board. However, while this seems perfectly legal and a reasonable way out, many such casino cruises are organized by companies connected to criminal groups.

There are some facilities that allow social gambling and people often enjoy such games, but this is only legal if the operator gets no profit, so few operators are ready to bother organizing social games.

All these facts together lead to gamblers in Hong Kong looking for ways to play casino games online.

Online Casinos

In Hong Kong, online casinos are not legal, and the government does not allow any foreign operators to get a license for offering gambling service to the local bettors. However, the good news is that the government does not take very much effort to block the parlor sites targeting locals, or to pursue local players for gambling on such sites.

Some casino sites do get blocked from time to time, but this is not a massive move, and locals in Hong Kong find ways to play their favourite casino games securely. As a result, there are many offshore parlors run by foreign companies that accept players from Hong Kong for real money bets.

How To Find and Choose Hong Kong Casino Online?

Finding an online casino for Hong Kong is not hard; the players can google casinos, or read reliable reviews, and choose casino sites from the recommended casino lists.

It is important to make sure the site accepts players from Hong Kong for real money play, offers them bonuses, gives access to the most popular games, and – most importantly! – offers a wide choice of payment options convenient for Hong Kong gamblers.

If the casino site does all that, it is crucial to double-check its license, online reputation, bonus rules, and payment rules. Only licensed, certified and reliable casino sites that offer fair gambling conditions and do pay the winnings out are worth attention.

How To Start Playing?

Before one starts playing casino games for real money, it is necessary to ensure they have access to the most convenient payment methods, and that they have enough funds on their balance to make the minimum first deposit to the casino site.

If the player wants a bonus, they should find out what the bonus rules are, and whether the bonus is fair.

Only after that, the player should register an account, provide their personal data, make deposits, and start betting with real money.

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