How to play Silver Fang online slot game at Mega888 online casino


Fixed payline online slot games are especially popular at Mega888 online casino. These fixed payline online slot games often come with at least 10 and up to 25 paylines, all arranged in multiple arrays of grids. Visually they may look complex, but online slot games are, in fact, the simplest type of online casino game there is. Online slot games also often come with their own unique settings, themes and visual design. At Mega888 online casino you can find adult themed slot games, fruit themed, luxury themed, animal themed and of course, gothic horror themed online slot game, which example includes Silver Fang.

Silver Fang online slot game

The Silver Fang online slot machine available to be played at Mega888 online casino has a 5×3 grid with 25 paylines that pay from left to right. Silver Fang is a werewolf themed online slot game that is akin to the iconic Wolf Hunter online slot game that is also available to be played at Mega888 online casino, the original developer for both these gothic horror online slot games is Pragmatic Play. Mega888 online casino provides the paytable for each online slot game that they provide so that players can learn the values for each symbol at the highest possible wager. To learn which numbers in the paytable correlate to lesser wagers, you can visit Mega888 online casino and look for Silver Fang at the online slots tab.

Master the symbols and paylines of Silver Fang online slot game

Like any online slot game, putting five symbols on a payline will net the player a substantial prize. The symbols in the Silver Fang online slot game features a wolf as the wild card, a cougar symbol, an eagle symbol, as well as all the basic and usual symbols like the King, Queen, Ace, etc. Once you have mastered the symbols and paylines of Silver Fang online slot game by practicing through the demo version of the game available at Mega888 online casino, you may try your luck at the real deal with real cash. Winning in Silver Fang online slot game is no difficult feat as the game has an unusually high RTP of 96% as well as a volatility level that is rated by experts at medium.  Check out this website, to explore online casinos that can be used to get around UKGC gambling restrictions in the UK, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Be the next lucky winner to win the jackpot

The wild symbol in the Silver Fang online slot game may substitute for any other symbol on the reels. Only scatter symbols as well as money symbols in the game can not be replaced whatsoever as they are unique and special slot symbols. Exploiting the wild symbol which comes in the form of a wolf in Silver Fang online slot game might just be the neat trick you need to help you form a winning payline. If you get three of the scatter symbols, you’ll get five free games. In this bonus round, reels 2, 3, and 4 will merge into a single, larger reel, increasing your chances of a win. The bonus round may be re-activated endlessly by landing three or more scatter symbols.

Money symbols

Full moon money symbol is the last mechanic that players will have to learn in the SIlver Fang online slot game. Whenever six or more of this special symbol appear anywhere on the reels, the bonus game will begin. When this happens, the Money Respin Feature is triggered, and the symbols stay put until someone wins. You’ll begin with three, and they’ll replenish when more moons land in their designated positions on the reels. It’s possible to win anything from one coin to the Mini or Grand Jackpot depending on what symbol you land on. Once all spins have been used up, the game is over and the total values are tallied to determine your ultimate reward. If you manage to get all 15 spots on the reels to be winning ones, you’ll win the Mega Jackpot.

More online slot game with similar themes and mechanics at Mega888 online casino

As mentioned before, another uniquely exciting online slot game with similar theme that is also available to be played at Mega888 online casino is the Wolf Gold online slot game which features similar themes and mechanics. In the Wolf Gold online slot game, whenever a player triggers the scatter symbol, you’ll get 15 free games where your wins are multiplied by 5. That;s not all, if you are looking for more excitement, why not try the Wolf Run Mega Jackpots at Mega888 online casino which promises even higher payouts. The Wolf Run Mega Jackpots is an online slot game with a progressive jackpot which means that the grand prize will only accumulate and increase the more players play this game.  If you get 20 Mega Jackpots symbols while spinning, you’ll win the progressive jackpot.

Play online slot games on mobile phones

Do you look forward to getting home so you can start playing your favorite online slot games? Then what if we tell you that it is now possible to play online slot games anywhere you want as long as you have a mobile phone? The Mega888 online casino mobile app is designed for this specific reason, the app provides free slot games to play on your mobile device. Players are not required to download any games to start playing them, the Mega888 online casino mobile app is already an all-in-one package to meet your everyday gaming needs. Visit here to download mega888 app and play now!

Mega888 online casino offers a great selection of online games for you to enjoy. With the Mega888 online casino mobile app comes the possibility that slot machines, among other games, may now be played on the go. Mobile slot machines provide you the freedom to play anytime, anywhere.

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