How to position your law firm for post-COVID-19


The outbreak of coronavirus has affected all aspects of our lives. With stay-at-home orders and protocols of social distancing, lawyers and law firms’ staff are forced to make sweeping changes to their operations.

This, combined with the reduced hours and even many courthouses closures, creates uncertainty for law firms.

But hopefully, things will resolve soon, and law firms are one of the businesses that can see light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

The legal industry will most certainly be one of the economic sectors that will benefit significantly from the aftermath of COVID-19 globally because a lot of people will need legal counsel and help after the pandemic.

But how can you position your firm in the midst of tough competition to take advantage of clients’ legal needs post-COVID-19?

Start now by keeping in touch

First and foremost, it cannot be overstated how important consistent and accurate information is during this time.

Your clients are under pressure, not only because of their legal affairs but also because of what is happening all over the world. Be their support anchor, and reaffirm the commitment of your law firm to provide them with reliable information and sound advice when they need it.

Because of health and safety concerns, many of your clients cannot visit your law firm in person, so regularly communicating with your clients will ease any fears they may have about any case they have pending.

Manage your social networks

Social media usage has exploded with so many people stuck at home nowadays. While this provides you with the opportunity to connect with prospective clients, you need to listen to your followers and use your social media marketing activities to show empathy, provide value and drive engagement, not just focus on creating new businesses.

Engage experts to market your law firm

Just as you serve as the trusted advisor for legal matters relating to your clients, you also need expert support and advice to protect the well-being and best interests of your company.

You can make better business decisions with the right guidance which will affect your company both now and in the future.

For example, you should consider investing in digital marketing for law firms and hire experts that will pay attention to how the COVID-19 pandemic affects your current marketing techniques, and making changes quickly that are necessary to prevent your company from falling behind.

Make sure you are in constant communication with your marketing partner and are willing to change approaches on the basis of their recommendations.

Make reviews part of your lawyer-client experience

COVID-19 or not, reviews should be a major part of your overall marketing strategy.

If you haven’t built a system to encourage new reviews from every client you represent, now would be the time to think through that and take some steps.

To get started, simply share a reviews call-to-action button for previous clients to share their experience on social media sites. Make sure you thank them for their time as they leave the reviews, and promote the testimonial on your page and profile.

Update your website

These days, almost every website has some kind of COVID-19 update or disclaimer. Generally speaking, the wording on this update is usually vague, expressing simple customer solidarity but offering little or no helpful information.

Your law firm should be specific, to make it stand out:

· Inform visitors about the way you work

· Detail how they can reach you (telephone, email, chat online, etc.)

· If they have a case during this crisis, discuss consultation options; do you take in via phone, or do you have a virtual consultation process?

When searching for local businesses, customers seek some sort of assurance that service is still available.

Adding a visible, specific update near the top of your website will inspire trust in current and new clients that you are still open to business albeit in a different way.

Don’t overlook GMB

Finally, it’s a good idea to have your Google My Business account double-checked. Make sure it’s up-to-date, and indicate that your company is still active and open to business, clearly indicating how you are operating.

Even if your physical office is closed, make sure that it is clear that your law firm still accepts new clients.


Despite the upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now isn’t the time to withdraw from business development. As we emerge from this global crisis, focusing on activities that show consideration and value to your clients will position you for stability and growth in the post-COVID-19 era.

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