How to Prepare for a Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip


Road trips combine the freedom of the open road with endless possibility. You are not constrained by a map, and are free to adjust, explore, and ride to your heart’s content.

Planning Out Your Budget

One of the first steps is to plan out your budget. Your budget, including your time, is going to constrain your trip options the most. If you work remotely, then both your time and money are going to go a lot further than if you work full-time at a fixed office, and only have your savings and a short period of time available. Plan out your budget so that you can comfortably explore any given area with money left over at the end of your trip.

Your Trip Depends on Your Bike

How far you go depends on your budget and your bike. If your bike isn’t suitable for long-haul trips, then you won’t be able to get very far comfortably. If you want to go cross-country, then you will need a larger bike, specifically one designed for adventure touring or a dual-sport tourer.

Prepare Your Bike (and Yourself) for the Trip

Planning out your budget and having a few must-see or do highlights is a great way to get the most out of your trip. The next step is to prepare your bike, and your safety. Always take your motorcycle in for a tune-up before you go.

You will also want a few key accessories, like a Bluetooth helmet that can automatically connect your helmet to your phone, which would allow you to hear directions, take calls, listen to music and so on. You will also need the right packing accessories, which work to help you pack the most with minimal space. Packing cubes are a great option.

You should also make sure that you have the proper equipment. Some of the essentials include a riding jacket, full-face helmets, riding gloves, riding boots, heavy leggings and eye protection. If there is an accident, you want really durable material that could be able to protect you from road burn.

This gear will help minimize common motorcycle accident injuries; however, do know that if you are in an accident there is very little overall to protect you and your trip will likely be cut short. In fact, if you are in a motorcycle accident it is wise to have a go-to accident lawyer to call for each state you intend to visit, so you always know who to turn to.

Best Souvenirs to Commemorate the Trip

Unlike when you fly or go by car, the options in terms of shopping and souvenirs are limited. If you intend to shop for items along the way you will need to either pack less at the start to accommodate it or be prepared to ship items home personally if they are too big.

The best way to have mementos is through photography, art, or even journal entries, depending on which option you find most freeing. To really get the most out of your photos, journals, or whatever else you use to remember your trip, compile it into a book once you are at home. There are even apps that can do this for you automatically, making it easy to put your trip into an easy memory album.



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