How to Prepare For a Night Out

If you are going out for the night with friends, then it is important to ensure that you can be safe while also having fun. Here are some things to consider beforehand, so that you will be able to have a great time.

Have Written Contact Information

No matter what type of night out you are planning, it is vital to be able to stay in communication with your friends or loved ones. With the advent of cell phones, however, many people do not have emergency numbers memorized. Write down a list of contacts and phone numbers to carry on your person in the event that your cell phone gets stolen, lost or you find yourself away from your friends.

Get Ready for the Next Morning

An inevitable result of drinking too much is the dreaded morning hangover, which causes headaches, nausea, sensitivity to light and other painful symptoms. If you have a tried and true hangover cure, be sure to implement it before you go to bed, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning rather than sick. When in doubt, water and rest will always do the trick.

Designate a Sober Driver

The designated driver is often decided at random, because for many, remaining sober on a night out can seem tedious and boring. There are many ways to make the job easier for your designed driver. Be sure to take care of them throughout the night by paying for their nonalcoholic cocktails, beverages and food. If you go out with the same friends often, it may be a good idea to have a rotating system, so one person is not stuck being the designated driver every time you get together as a group.

Pack Emergency Essentials

Although it can be burdensome to carry a large purse when you are going to a club or a bar, it is still important to be prepared for unexpected situations. Carry all of your cards with you, including an emergency credit card, if you have one. If you have any allergies, bring epinephrine as well. It is also a good idea to have a portable battery pack in case your cell phone is running low on power.

You do not need to worry about whether or not you will have a great time when you are with your friends. With these tips, you can worry less and have much more fun.