How To Prepare For A Sudden Drug Test

A failed drug test can easily cost you a job, even if your only crime is trying marijuana just once. For regular users, it can be even tougher to pass: urine tests can detect the presence of cannabis even up to 5 weeks after the last use. Nowadays, everyone can face a drug test on extremely short notice. So, can anything be done with it?

First of all: don’t panic. Nothing is impossible: whether you use marijuana (or other drugs) regularly or occasionally, there are always methods to pass the test. Obviously, the best and most effective way is to stop using cannabis altogether. However, you may not always have enough time to detox, so we’ve prepared some advice on how to prepare for the test. It can be pretty tough, and we can make no promises that you’ll pass the test, but trying out these tips can definitely help!

Get Fake Urine

Even though the urine test violates your privacy and is completely unethical, it is pretty popular nowadays, so most likely, you’ll be asked to pee in a cup. If you’re sure you won’t pass it naturally, you can try to fake it. There are two ways: ask your friend for a clean sample and switch it with your own, or buy powdered synthetic or human urine.

The first option may seem pretty easy, but some issues can occur: it can be problematic to smuggle the sample into the test and heat it to the right temperature. Who would like to walk in the lab with a urine-filled condom strapped to their leg? This doesn’t sound fun at all. Also, within a few hours, urine changes its pH, and bacteria in it starts growing, so the lab can find out and accuse you of cheating.

The second way is simpler: you get a kit, mix the powder with water, hit it with a special pad, and get a completely urine-like liquid: it looks like urine, smells like urine, and has the same pH and creatinine level as urine. However, in some states, synthetic urine is illegal, and if the lab finds out, you’ll lose your job. Don’t start worrying right away, though. Check out how labs detect synthetic urine and make your own decision, whether you want to try this method out.

Wash Yourself Out

If you’ve been given short notice about taking a drug test, water should become your best friend from now on. Drinking a lot will help dilute your urine, so the THC metabolites will be harder to pick out. Start drinking water a day before the test – as much as you can. Try to schedule the test for an afternoon because metabolites build up during your sleep, so you’ll have time to drink even more water before the test.

Water should be enough, even though popular rumors suggest drinking vinegar, niacin, or vitamin C – there’s no evidence that they help. However, you may want to take a large dose of vitamin B before the test (50-100 mg), so it’ll color your urine yellow, and it won’t look too clear and watery (some labs may reject a sample because of it).

If you don’t trust the water and think it’s not enough, you can take diuretics, which boost your fluid output. In layman’s terms, they make you pee more. You can try caffeine, cranberry juice, or over-the-counter pills for premenstrual water retention. These are the safest options, but for those who have to take a drug test on short notice, stronger diuretics, available on prescription, can help. You should be extremely careful with them – they can be dangerous for people with certain health conditions, like diabetes, or for pregnant women.

Drinking water will be helpful if you’re an occasional marijuana user and have a couple of days’ notice, but regular users should give themselves a week or two for the THC to wash out.

Be Careful with Detox Products

You can always try the so-called detox kits, but the truth is, they won’t make THC metabolites leave your system. They can sometimes help cheat the drug test by filling your urine with vitamins and proteins, so the THC may not be registered on the report. However, if you want to try such a thing, make sure it’s safe for you and check out the reviews (if possible).

Detox products can be helpful if you have a hair drug test, though. This kind of test can detect any drugs that have been in your system for up to 90 days! Detox shampoos are available on the market, which will cleanse your hair follicles of the THC for 24 hours. You have to carefully read the instructions and not wear any hair products or head covering, but this way, you have the possibility of passing a hair drug test.

To Sum Up

As you can see, there are many ways to cheat on a drug test and pass it. However, you have to remember to be very careful – there are many products on the market and pieces of advice on the Internet that won’t help you. Moreover, some of them may even harm you. You should also remember that regardless of the complexity of your method, your success can’t be guaranteed – even if you do pass the test, your scheme may be uncovered in the lab, which is just as bad as failing in the first place. Before taking any advice or buying some “detox kit,” make sure it’s safe to use and do research. In any case, we wish you luck.