How to Present Yourself as a Nice Person


Although everyone has the right to be a full-fledged individual and express themselves in the way they want to, there are basic ways that anyone who wants to improve relations with others can use. The best impression made by others and an excellent reputation can be useful to you in networking, career development, and personal relationships.

Respect others and be polite to everyone you meet

This means to respect your friends, strangers, and, most importantly, respect yourself! If you are judgmental or dismissive of other people, they are more likely to return negative emotions to you. Friendliness and respect will help you find friends faster.

Communicate with strangers kindly and calmly, be patient when asking for services, answer directly, and do not forget about words like “please” and “thank you.” Remember that everyone you talk to is people too. Just because you pay someone to service your table does not give you the right to be rude; treat them the way you would like to be treated. As J.K. Rowling said, “It’s easier to see the real essence of a person by their treatment of subordinates, and not with their equal.”

Be confident

People like to be close to those who are confident but not arrogant. An adequate level of confidence is to know that you are a great person, but there is always someone better than you. If you constantly criticize yourself and are unhappy to be who you are, you risk the fact that people will think of you in the same way. After all, if you don’t like yourself, then why should others like you? The reverse side of the coin is also bad – be too self-confident, and others will think that you like yourself so much that you are not trying to please anyone else. The goal is satisfaction, not pride.

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Be honest, but do it carefully

It is especially important to be honest with friends and people who ask for your advice. Usually, people can easily determine who is a liar and is insincere. No one likes insincere people. The people you want to chat with must not bear liars. If someone asks, “Does this dress makes me look fat?” (yes, this is a cliché, but this is a classic example), comment carefully, trying not to offend a person. If you know a lot about fashion, tell them about the way it fits or doesn’t fit them. They will trust you, knowing that you are sincere and just want to help. There are tricks on how to be frank with someone who does not ask for your advice. By commenting on something in this way, you can provoke an approving reaction or resentment, depending on the person, so analyze the situation. You most likely need to avoid negative comments, no matter how true they are, with people you are not familiar with or are not friends with.

Listen to what people have to say

There is not a single person on this planet who has been given too much attention (at least not a single person who is not being pursued by the paparazzi). When we people start a conversation, most of us want someone to be sincerely interested in what we say – the participation of the interlocutor is not so important. Do not think that you are boring! You help the other person feel good. It is important to listen actively, though. If someone speaks of the most effective way to wash his dog, looking away does not mean being a good listener. Try to participate in a dialogue with everything you can – with your own eyes, nods, commenting, and asking questions, with your body position — you should be fully focused on it.

Ask questions

Most of the good conversation (including the situations when you are listening) consists of questions. Even if you like talking, you have to let the other person talk as well, and when they do, they feel satisfied, they feel good. Thus, in order to present yourself in the best way in this situation, you should ask questions to show your sincere interest. The second person will feel appreciated and will begin to go into detail, and this will relieve you of all the pressure. And he will like you. Let everything have an open ending. If Jessica from the office says, “Damn, I’ve been stuck with this stupid PowerPoint for hours,” help her out! Ask her what her problem is, why it takes her so long, or if she was looking for more information. Even ordinary topics such as PowerPoint can help start a good dialogue, in which Jessica will be in the spotlight and receive the help she needs.

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