How to Program a Garage Door Opener and Remote


If you have had a break in and want to change the control code for your garage door, or just want to update your system for routine security reasons, you need to know how to program the garage door opener and the remote control.

Although there can be some variation with different brands and varieties of garage door, the following is a typical process of how to program your remote control.

is how you would program the opener and remote on the popular Craftsman garage door system. This type of system is one of the most widely used today.

Make Sure there is Power to the Keypad

Most Craftsman garage door systems have a main wall mounted keypad on which numbers can be entered. The first step is to make sure this keypad has power. It usually only runs on batteries, so make sure that the batteries are fresh and the device is operational.

Get Access to Garage Door Opener Panel

Begin by taking the cover off the back of the garage door opener box. This is the large control box located near the ceiling. It should have a red cover you can simply take off manually to reveal various buttons on the remote. You may need a ladder to climb up and access this panel.

Erase Old Programming

Now you need to erase the existing information on the system. If it is a new system, there may not be any programming on it in the first place. But it is a good idea to go through this step anyway just to be sure.

There should be a large square red button on the back of the remote. It is often situated next to the blue travel and force adjustments on the opener. There should also be instructions printed near these controls.

You may want to take the light bulb that is screwed into this panel out so that you can access the panel better. However, remember to replace it before the reprogramming step because it indicates successful reprogramming by flashing on and off.

The way to clear the system is to press and hold the red button. When you do this, a small light to the right of the button will light up. Hold the red button down until the light goes out. Once it has gone out, you know that the system has been cleared.

Once you have done this, neither the keypad nor the remote will work. The system has been completely cleared of any programmed data, so there is no way for the keypad and remote to communicate with the door opener box. So reprogramming is the next step.

Reprogram the System

The system now needs to be reprogrammed. This is very easily done on a Craftsman system. Simply press the red button once. The light next to it will light up again. You now have about 30 seconds to walk over to the keypad and enter any 4 digit code of your choice. Try not to make it something too obvious or that someone can easily guess. Type in the numbers and then press the enter button.

If the reprogramming is successful, the light on the garage door opener, as noted above, will go off and then come back on. This means you’re all finished with the reprogramming. “This is a very user friendly  type of system” said James L – The founder of canadian Garage door repair Surrey , so they have made reprogramming extremely simple.

Set Remote

Like the other steps in the reprogramming process, St the remote is very easy. Climb back up your ladder so you again have access to the remote control box. Now simply press the red button at the same time as pressing the open/close button on the remote, and release them at the same time. Once you have done this, the remote will work to open the garage door.

That’s really all there is to programming or programming a Craftsman garage door system. Again, this is a very easy system for the average user to work with, which may have something to do with its popularity.

And now you know how to program the garage door opener and the remote control!

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