How to promote a YouTube channel in 2021

Along with the creation of video content, there should be a systematic promotion of the channel. When working with YouTube, I recommend using an integrated approach – taking all measures to get coverage from any platform, not just YouTube.

When a specialist or a team builds a channel promotion system, he makes sure that immediately after the video is published, a link or an advertisement can be shared. from to this video via Instagram, brand Facebook pages or partners. In addition, you can agree to announce this video with friends, bloggers, so that they draw the audience’s attention to views. Thus, you can cover not only the audience on YouTube, but also on other sites.

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When considering external resources to drive traffic, pay attention to targeting your audience. Because, in addition to these external resources, you can always launch Google ads to quickly promote videos: they are targeted and quite cheap. At the same time, it has one “minus” – it can affect the number of organic reach on the channel, pessimize them a little. Therefore, I recommend running ads if your goal is to quickly gain views and target audience coverage. But if you are a blogger and advertising is not your priority, then you can use it at the last moment.

Promotion system: even old videos can be given new life

An important point – you can give new life even to the old released videos when you send them to your database via email newsletters, post them on the site, and make press releases with them. Use absolutely all sources from which you can get targeted views.

You reach YouTube audiences with Google ads and your channel videos. By using external sources, you attract a target audience that can potentially become your subscribers, and from them you can get repeat views and a grateful audience.

Don’t forget to increase engagement when creating your content. Even at the moment of creating the script, be sure to think about when you will be reminded of subscribing to the channel, likes, pressing the bell, posting a comment. Do not be afraid to speak, do not hesitate and do not forget to remind viewers about it.

Think about formats that will make your audience revisit your videos several times or notice some inaccuracies and write to you in the comments. For example, there are formats when you make a video, make a number of inaccuracies in them and ask viewers to find them and write about it in the comments. The audience watches, writes about it, and in the next video you give a transcript or answer to riddles, and then the audience will watch the new video and return to the previous ones.

How to increase engagement with videos in your channel

Don’t forget to use collaborations. It’s not just about working with bloggers. You can use collaborations on other platforms – on Instagram or any other platform – to attract new people, viewers, and like-minded people to your channel.

Spread the aura of knowledge about yourself and your YouTube channel far beyond its borders. And then you will definitely receive additional organic promotion.

Don’t forget to experiment and don’t be afraid of it. In our new information age, this is what is sure to give you a push forward and the opportunity to soar to the skies. Don’t be hostage to your format if you start making it alone. Develop and in this way, firstly, you will not let your audience get bored, and secondly, you will attract new viewers and refresh.

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