How to Properly Use Whey Protein Isolate


One of the staples in the diets of people into fitness, especially those whose goals include building up mass on their body, is whey protein isolate. But while this form of protein is widely used and preferred by many athletes over other protein types, not many people know how to use it.

We’ll talk about how to use whey protein isolate in this article correctly.

Whey protein and its variants

Whey protein is a byproduct during the production of cheese. This protein is produced from the milk used in the making of cheese.

When curds are produced, the liquid portion of the milk separates. This is whey. An excellent example of this is the liquid floating on top when you open a tub of yogurt.

This liquid is collected, filtered, dried, and then turned into powder form. Whey protein contains all of the nine amino acids our body needs to function.

There are three different kinds of whey protein. You have whey protein isolate, then there’s whey protein hydrolysate, and finally whey protein concentrate.

Whey protein concentrate

This whey protein type contains between 60 to 80 percent of protein, with the rest being carbohydrates and fats.

Whey protein isolate

When whey protein concentrate undergoes further filtration to remove the carbohydrates and fats, it becomes a whey protein isolate. This type of protein contains about 90 to 95 percent protein.

Whey protein hydrolysate

This type of protein undergoes more processing. Acids or enzymes are added to the heating process, which results in the amino acids breaking down their bonds. This results in the protein becoming more easily absorbed by your body.

Among these three, whey protein isolate is the most preferred type of whey protein among fitness enthusiasts. This is because the filtration process reduces if not removes lactose, a sugar to which many people are sensitive.

Proper use of whey protein isolate

According to fitness experts, the optimal dosage of whey protein isolate is one to two scoops of protein a day. This is around 25 to 50 grams of protein.

Ideally, you should take the whey protein isolate immediately after your workout. It is believed that your body absorbs protein faster and more efficiently because you’ve created micro-tears on your muscle fibers from your training.

The muscles’ recovery will need protein as a building block to repair these muscle fibers, and they can get it from the protein you ingest.

The proper way of using whey protein isolate is by drinking it as a shake. You can mix two scoops with some cold water or some milk, put it in your shaker or a blender and blend away. Drink the shake within 30 minutes after your workout for optimum absorption.

Another way of using protein powder is during your breakfast. You can whip up a shake that contains some fruits like bananas, oats, or some flaxseed. This is a high protein breakfast that will make you feel sated.

Some people use whey protein isolate powder to make protein pancakes that they can snack on.

Some athletes also believe that drinking a glass of whey protein isolate a couple of hours before going to sleep helps keep that feeling of being full so they can avoid midnight snacks.

Whey protein isolate is a convenient and effective way of delivering much-needed protein to your body, especially if you’re an athlete. Knowing how to use it properly will allow you to get the most benefits and lead to a healthier and stronger body.

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