How to Protect a Business From Break-Ins and Stolen Property


As a business owner, especially one that works with highly sensitive information or materials, the idea of a break-in or burglary is something that can keep you up at night. After all, your business is often your livelihood, and having property stolen or damaged in a break-in can truly set you back both monetarily and as a whole. This is doubly true for those that work in industries that require the holding of classified client information, which may pose legal issues if it gets lost or leaked in the process.

So, what can you do to prevent your business from being successfully broken into, and what deterrents can be put in place to dissuade potential burglars from attempting crimes of that nature? Well, today, we’re going to provide you with a few security basics that you can follow to ensure that your business is far safer from potential threats.

Make sure That Previous Tenants Don’t Have Access

This may seem like a simple starting point, but it’s one that can certainly provide a lot more peace of mind. This is something that you see in lists of new house tips, as it prevents those that already have a connection with the property from having easy access to it. Situations like this are why I always ensure I have a commercial locksmith in Melbourne that I can call to resolve any doubts, concerns, or issues. So, if you want to make sure that your business security is starting off on the right foot, make sure that you have a trusted locksmith in your area that can swap your locks over and give you advice on any other security features available.

Install Security Systems

Once you’ve gotten the basics out of the way, you can then move on to installing some proper protection. Security systems come in many forms, and it will be up to you to decide exactly what directions you want to go with the specifics of your security setup. For example, sensor-activated cameras will begin recording any activity it detects, thereby capturing anyone entering or leaving the business at times they aren’t supposed to. Don’t hesitate to learn more by checking out commercial security installer.

There are also alarm systems that can be set up to trigger when the door is opened at certain times. Whilst these are excellent for alerting people to crimes in action, many people use them as a prevention method by making sure the fact that a security system is in place is visible from outside areas. After all, while assisting in the search for someone who has stolen your possessions is all well and good, most would agree that it’s better if they just didn’t get your possessions in the first place.

Do Final Checks Before You Leave Each Day

Although we often think of commercial break-ins as being somewhat planned and methodical, they are often simply opportunistic crimes from someone who noticed an easy in. Maybe someone left the door open; maybe there’s a window that you keep ajar for airflow; whatever the entry may be, if it can be used to get into your building, it is a potential security risk. So, both you and your employees should have policies in place regarding how the workplace is left once closing time comes around to avoid any unforeseen accidents leading to further issues.

Make Sure to Evaluate Your Outdoor Environments

Do you have lighting outside your property? Do you have areas that people could easily hide if they were looking for a seamless way into the building? Do you have good visibility on the entry and exits of your commercial property? These are all good things to know and factor in when planning out a preventative strategy. The solution may simply be to get some outdoor lighting or trim down the plants near your door, but you’d be amazed what small changes can do to support your security.


Business security can seem like an uphill battle at the best of times, but by putting some preventative measures in place, you should be able to allow yourself some peace of mind. So, next time you’re in your workplace, think about what we’ve discussed above and try to determine which security features would work best with the specifics of your commercial space. Good luck!

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