How to protect your data with a virtual phone number?


Numerous services on the global network, from messengers to social media, require identification. It is common to use mobile phone numbers for this purpose. Since in most cases an active user of telecommunications services registers with numerous services, the likelihood of receiving SMS spam is very high. You can protect yourself from this by using a virtual number. Let’s take a more detailed look at virtual numbers and how they can be used in everyday life and to protect personal data on the Internet.

What is a virtual number for SMS?

A virtual number looks no different from the mobile numbers that a regular SIM card contains. But when you buy and use a virtual number, you don’t need a smartphone as your end equipment. Such numbers may be obtained from any device with access to the Internet by simply accessing the browser. This, of course, opens up a wide range of possibilities to use the number, because the user is not tied to a particular device, or a particular program, or a particular application.

How can a virtual number protect your money and data?

The idea is quite simple, yet reliable. With a Virtual Number you tie all your existing applications to this number and keep your real number for making calls to your family and friends. In this case a virtual number you know only you and nobody else, which means that your number along with the name to place on message boards, you cannot be afraid that it will be stolen, etc.

And most importantly, if your smartphone falls into the hands of crooks, they can’t use the data available on the device, even if they have full access to all the applications. And all the attempts to restore the passwords and access to the services on your smartphone will fail due to the banal lack of knowledge of the phone number, or the inability to read or receive calls, because the number will be virtual.

Who needs virtual phone numbers?

Virtual temporary phone number is such a versatile service that anyone can find a use for them. But we have highlighted the main types of activity where such a service can be most beneficial. So, virtual numbers can be useful:

  • The method is not the best, but if you do decide to use the method of scamming to increase the activity of your page, you can use thousands of numbers to create such fake accounts for such services and buying bots;
  • Submitting ads. You place a sale ad, then a second, fifth, tenth … And for all you have to pay, and with virtual numbers, you can create new accounts and submit ads – will be cheaper or even free;
  • For fans of promotions and discounts. “Get a cap when you buy a burger and a Coke” or “30% off a set of rolls when you buy before December 31” etc. – bought a new number, got a new text, showed it to an employee and got a discount or bonus;
  • Voting fans. Need to vote for a photo, for best dance, for mum’s friend? If you need to give a number but don’t really feel like it, or you want to vote several times, you can buy virtual numbers and complete your task;
  • Those who want privacy. Information about your data can sell supposedly to partners or leak the base to the general access. Therefore, for some isolated cases, using another number is a good option.

How to get a virtual number using the SMS-man service

SMS-man is a popular SMS verification service. Its main feature is a wide choice of countries whose numbers you can use. Available locations: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, USA and Poland.

Quick instruction how to get virtual number:

Step 1. Go to the SMS-man website and complete a simple registration.

Step 2. Deposit via a convenient payment system in the appropriate currency.

Step 3. Go to homepage and choose one of countries for your virtual number

Step 4. Scroll down and enter the search box the name of the service you want to receive SMS. If your desired service is not on the list, then type “Any other”.

Step 5. Next to the desired service press the “Buy” button.

Step 6. Once received, enter the phone number you received when registering at the desired service.

Step 7. View the code received by clicking “Get SMS” opposite the purchased number.

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