How to Put a Golf Course Out of Business: A Must Read for Golf Course Owners


Sustainability is one of the most common terms used in our daily conversations. We do talk about economic sustainability, financial sustainability and many other related concepts. As a gold business owner, one of the things that you need to consider when putting out your golf courses for sale is its sustainability. There are a number of practices that can make your golf business sustainable in the long term and others which can make can make your business to close down.

As a golfer, one will always be yearning to have the best playing amenities since she or he wants to have the best experience. This will involve pushing the golf course managers to provide all the resources that are in most cases not necessary. Some of these amenities are also expensive and before you know it, the business is already going southwards. Here are some of the things that can make your golf course business unsustainable in the long term.

Focusing on the Invisible

Avoid spending your money on something that will not pay off in the long term. If something is important, it will always be seen and rectified. Its impact on the overall experience of the client will also be felt. If there is something that does not provide any of the above elements, avoid investing in and channel your resources somewhere within the business.

Striving to Have Fast Green Grasses for Play

Striving to have the fast-green grasses can sometimes make the game less enjoyable. It will also increase the cost of maintenance for the golf course. You can also put information emphasis that green grass does not necessarily mean a great playing experience when putting the golf course businesses for sale. It will psychologically prepare the players to avoid focusing on luxurious items as a way of determining their happiness while playing.

Focus on Clubhouse Improvements Instead of Golf Course Improvements

When you have put out the golf courses out for sale, avoid the purchase of maintenance equipment that will require so much extra resources. For example, a lawn of grass that will require mowers for its maintenance. Remember that golfers are interested in the experience that they will receive. Instead spend that money on building bar stools for the golfers to sit on.

Involvement in Unnecessary Community Events

If you have just put out your golf course for sale, the next thing that will come into your mind is promotion. Common strategies of promoting the business include involvement in community activities. However, if you are just getting started, it would be unwise for you to spend large amounts of business resources on these events. Your business will be greatly affected since your golf course is probably not yet popular meaning that the turn up will be low. Instead look for the promotion activities that will require a low budget such as using posters and friends to promote your business.

Providing Unnecessary Course Accessories

By adding flowers and other course accessories on every location, the view of the multicolored flowers on every corner of the field will make the golfers to forget all about the soft green grasses. Accessories such as a trash can, club washer, shoe cleaner and cold-water bottles are important than luxurious accessories that do not make sense to the golfer.

Failing to Know the Purpose of Your Golf Course

Before putting out your golf courses for sale, it is important to understand why you are getting into the business. Some people get into the business of selling golf courses with the goal of selling nearby properties and filling up the hotels. This is called ‘gold-rush’ and it can easily ruin your business. If you are putting your golf courses out for sale, then focus on providing the services that you are supposed to provide instead of focusing on other things that are not part of your business. They will come along on their own.

Possible Conflicts

There are a number of conflicts that can easily arise over a parcel of land where you have located your golf course. Development is fast spreading out and if you are not careful, you might end up establishing your golf course on conflicted pieces of land. Before you realize your mistakes, you will have spent so many financial resources on a lawsuit that you will probably not win. It is important to ensure that you have established your golf course business in an area that is free of any possible conflict. Follow the due process to avoid closing down your business after some time.

Misunderstanding Your Market

The best way of tackling the enemy is taking your time to understand them. The same applies to any golf courses for sale. It is important to carry out adequate research before putting out your golf courses for sale. There are some locations where golf business is struggling while in others it is thriving. Having an understanding of where you will reap more will help you to prevent your business from closing down.

The best approach towards building sustainable golf courses for sale is taking your time to understand the potential market. This will help you to come up with a number of entry strategies into your new field. With the appropriate planning and paying attention to the above issues, you will be on the path towards building a sustainable golf course business.

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