How to Quickly and Easily Create Custom Volunteer Shirts


Running a successful event with volunteers can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you are serving meals to the homeless, helping out at an athletic event, or coordinating volunteers to support a local non-profit, you know how much time and effort goes into the preparation of a successful event. One tip to make your event easier to manage and more successful is to create custom shirts for your volunteers.

Here is why you should consider custom volunteer shirts and how you can quickly and easily create them for your team.

Why Create Custom Volunteer Shirts

There are a variety of reasons to have custom shirts made for your volunteer event. First, it helps you manage volunteers as you can quickly and easily spot which individuals are part of your group in a busy setting. It will also help those you are serving spot volunteers in case they have questions or need assistance.

In addition, it will bring more attention to your group as those in attendance or watching media coverage of the event will be able to see where your group is from and how many were on hand to help. Finally, your volunteers will be able to keep the shirts as a thank-you and to help them remember their time serving.

What to Put on Your Custom Volunteer Shirts

Not sure what to put on your custom shirts? First, consider what type of promotion you want. If your group is from your business, make sure you put your company’s name, logo, and some type of contact information—such as a website—to ensure you get recognition.

You may also want to consider the type of event. If it’s seasonal or related to a holiday, consider colors and images that line up with that occasion. You may also want to put the name of the non-profit or organization you’re serving if the shirts are for a one-time event or if you regularly help out at the same place.

Finally, consider putting volunteers’ names on the shirts. This will help you keep track of them and it will also assist those at the event who will be able to remember the names of those who helped them or to address them by name if they need assistance.

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How to Create Custom Volunteer Shirts Online

Now that you know what you want on the shirts, it’s time to make your order. Fortunately, creating custom shirts is easy with online apparel companies. You simply choose your colors, upload your graphics, and choose the number and size of shirts you need. Shirts can be created and shipped in as little as three working days if you choose express shipping options.

Create Custom Volunteer Shirts to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Helping out in the community is a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor. To ensure your event goes smoothly and your volunteers get as much recognition as possible, get them custom shirts to wear and to keep as a commemoration of the event for years to come.

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