How to Raise Well-Rounded Kids


The moment they welcome their little bundle of joy, parents are in for numerous challenges when it comes to raising children. No textbook or grandma’s advice can tell you for sure how to raise a happy, versatile, and wise child. One thing’s certain, tutors, expensive private lessons, and innumerable extracurricular activities won’t do you much good unless you, as a parent, don’t put all your sweat into your child’s cognitive development. Raising a well-rounded kid takes courage, time, and above all patience. Here are some strategies that will help you stay on the right track.

Encourage empathy

There are many ways to discipline a child. Amongst teaching them to acknowledge the world around and reward good behavior, knowing how to show empathy is one of the strongest aspects they would need in life. Show and teach them the values of respecting others, not only grown-ups but also kids their age. Only by showing appreciation, learning about ethical justice, and empathy, they will know how they should be treated in reverse as well. Being grateful, prioritizing fairness and gratitude is the first step towards reasonable and wise adults.

Spend quality time together

We live in a hectic world, where constant daily habits and routines impede us from spending enough time with our children. Instead of sending them off to grandparents or hiring nanny regularly, do your best to spend as much time as you possibly can with your child. This will set a clear example to them as they would know that they are loved and cared for, thus they will likely be willing to whatever you ask them to do. One or two hours per day spent doing something quality and productive together like reading a book or cooking a special meal together is more than enough.

Go outside

Being trapped around four tediously plain office walls feels like a prison. Kids also don’t prefer sitting in a crowded classroom as well. Whenever you can, take them outside and spend a fun time together.  Give your child a unique opportunity to try out fun outdoor activities like racing or playing hide-and-seek. If games are not your cup of tea, then go to the Zoo, visiting a natural reserve and learn about various animal species, or go for a picnic by the beach. Spending time outdoors enhances kids’ motor-sensory abilities and encourages logical thinking, all of which is extremely beneficial for cognitive growth.

Be a firm role model

Don’t expect your child to make up for the things you could have done in your life. On the contrary, advise them that the way they should follow in life is their own, but at the same time encourage them to observe your righteous deeds. A child will learn about ethical ways, with ease succumb to various obstacles and hopefully choose the right path in life by following every step that you make. “Monkey see, monkey do” at least for one period in life. You will be a strong role model if you pinpoint your mistakes and explain what you will do to resolve them.

Treat them as equals and show discipline

If you want your kids to always be truthful and honest with you, you must treat them as equals, interact daily on different topics, and have a friendly and open-minded attitude. Think about your tone, speaking pitch, manner, and body language. Kids acquire everything that you do, so always have a firm but polite tone when discussing serious manners. At the same time, don’t be afraid to show off clear discipline. You will not raise a well-rounded child if you don’t set some precise rules and regulations, instead, you might end up with a selfish and rude kid. It is perfectly normal to have boundaries, do chores around the house, and have some restrictions.

Start early, start now. Raising children is not an easy task, so take a deep breath, read mindfully the above-mentioned tips and do your best to work with your child every moment that you can.

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