How to Read Your Opponents in Poker


It is easy to play poker in an online casino like verdecasino com because you are playing against a computer. However, playing against a real human being face-to-face is a much tougher challenge. You need to be able to “read” his mind.

Each poker player has what we call “tells,” or signals, with their movements and facial expressions. These signals or tells can help you determine what is on the poker player’s mind. Today, we will share with you some tips on how to read your opponents in poker.

Bet Size

One of the most common ways to read an opponent’s card is through his bet size. You cannot do it so easily, so you must observe your opponents at every round.

Inexperienced poker players usually bet varying amounts if they have a strong hand. Some will bet high if they have a strong hand. Whatever your observations are, you will see a pattern, and it is this pattern that will allow you to guess whether or not the player has a strong chance to win.

A person who makes a large bet has either a good hand or a really bad one. There are players who will bluff—they will bet huge, hoping that you fold and get the pot.

The size of the person’s bet tells you a lot about his confidence in his hand. If a person suddenly increases a bet when he checked previously is likely bluffing.

The Timing

It is pretty obvious that players with a so-so hand would take so much time before they can decide on what they want to do.

Usually, players with strong hands who are about to make a big move would also take time. They want to make sure they are making the right decision.

In addition, players who have weak hands usually make quick decisions. Many of them will just fold or check without even thinking about it. Observe this behavior, as it is one of the easiest ways to tell if a player has weak or strong hands.

Table Talk

Although conversations often happen at a poker table, it is true that talkative people are players who have a strong hand. They are more relaxed.

On the other hand, players with a weak hand, or a hand that struggles for a win, are less likely to talk. They are going through pressure, and that is why they must concentrate.

If a player changes behavior, you can easily tell what hand he has. For example, a quiet player who suddenly becomes chatty means that he has a good hand. The reverse can also happen. A player who used to be chatty becomes silent—this tells you that the player has a weak hand, and you can attack or challenge him.

Staring at Something

Players who have weak hands have a tendency to stare at something. Some of them will freeze. This happens after they make a huge bet—when they attempt a bluff.

Usually, people who have put a big bet with a strong hand would look their opponents in the eye. They know they can fight the opponent’s cards, so there is no reason to be scared. What they want is to intimidate the opponent and make that opponent fold.

Players who bluff have this “guilt” look in them. They try not to look at people for fear of being found out. They know that other players can tell their bluff.

Looking at Their Chips

A player would look at his chips because he wants to see how much he can possibly win. Usually, a person does this if he has an excellent hand, like a pair of aces or kings. In this person’s mind, he is calculating how much he can win if he bets his stack, and several players call the bet.

The best time to observe this on players is after the flop. Once the first three cards are out, a person with a monster hand will immediately know that he is likely going to win.

In this case, you must stay away from this player. If he glances at his chips, he is already being greedy—he is counting his chickens before they are hatched. The best thing to do is fold. Unless, of course, you also have excellent hands.


There is no single list that can teach you how to read poker tells. Only experience will make you good at it. If you keep on playing, you will eventually realize that each individual is unique. Each person handles stress and happiness differently, and only your experience can teach you how to read people’s behavior at a poker table.

If you want to read tells, keep playing, but make sure you do not bankrupt yourself. If you play online, you cannot read tells from facial expressions, but you can certainly read tells from the way the players bet.

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