How to Recognize If Your Attorney is Compassionate


While it’s not helpful to give credence to stereotypes or generalizations, it is safe to say that lawyers have a notorious reputation for being particularly difficult. Part of their job is to fight for their clients, so the aggression isn’t always left out of field, and indeed, it can be helpful in winning cases.

However, it is also important for a lawyer to be attentive to their clients’ concerns and needs. Not that hand-holding is required, but it also doesn’t help to take a combative stance with the person you are supposed to help, and indeed, have been hired to do so. Some lawyers are known to even yell at their clients, being overly demanding when it comes to getting the paperwork done properly – and unless the client has been accused of criminal conduct, that sort of behavior is counter-intuitive. Here are a few things to be aware of when hiring a lawyer, and making sure you have a good, compassionate one on your side. 

Difference Between Effective and Destructive

In many cases, you will definitely want a lawyer who will not be shy about going to bat for you and will want to do what he can to help you make the best of your situation. Especially if you go to trial, then you’ll need someone who will fight and not shy away from asking witnesses the tough questions.

However, you also don’t want to deal with a loose cannon. A lawyer who is not able to listen to you, or who is incapable of handling delicate situations, will be completely destructive and may do more harm than good. Especially when it comes to issues like divorce cases in which children are involved. Do you really need an attorney who will badger your former spouse or exercise bad faith in getting your children to choose a side? Perhaps not. It’s a terrible feeling either way and may in fact work to your disadvantage since the court will notice that you or your legal representative is using cutthroat tactics that may not fit the bill. 

When Aggression Helps

Of course, there are certain times in which your lawyer will need to flex their muscles in court on your behalf. A lawyer who does not have sufficient trial or litigation experience can be detrimental to your case – especially if the other party has a lawyer who is tremendously experienced in this area of the law. You will find yourself on the losing end as a result, which isn’t great. This is true of divorce proceedings, but also personal injury claims. As Athens personal injury lawyers, by and large, recommend, you will need to do a lot more than have a lawyer who will put together a clean file. Otherwise, your case could fall prey to a potential injustice. An experienced trial attorney is important so that their client – this case, you – do not feel confused. There is a difference between being a go-getter and just being plain aggressive. A good lawyer with experience in litigation will have a lot of initiative, will be a fighter, and will also act as your fiercest advocate. However, they will not be aggressive just for the sake of being aggressive or exercise rage in the courtroom and mistake that for competence. 

Importance of Soft Skills

Of course, there are many problems with the term “soft skills,” mostly in that it has become entirely gendered. Soft skills are a requisite when it comes to having effective interpersonal relationships, and you will definitely need them when finding a good lawyer. They have to be able to listen to your concerns and display a measure of understanding for the troubles you are suffering through. Otherwise, it will incur a measure of emotional and mental stress that you are not in any position to handle. Going to court is already a loaded proposition, and you need someone who is not only experienced and willing to fight for you but to be your advocate in the best possible way. Which means having a degree of sensitivity and is able to listen to your concerns.

Handling the Hot Seat

So, even if you have a pretty understanding lawyer, you should be able to have one who is knowledgeable enough of lawyerly tactics that they can prepare you for the hot seat, and show you how to deal with the other party’s aggressive lawyer. 

Handling the Hot Seat

Lawyers should be good to their clients, but that doesn’t mean that they will let the second party off the hook that easily. So expect a level of aggression coming your way, regardless. If you have a good lawyer, they will be able to tell you how to manage dealing with an awful one so that you can win the case.

In the end, being a good lawyer is more than just being a feared adversary in the courtroom. It means being able to exercise discipline, fight for your clients while having good intentions, and being able to listen to their concerns. A lawyer who will just blaze through the halls of justice, burning everything in their wake, is not always a great idea. A lawyer who uses a soft touch, and is able to listen to you, is the best kind to have to fight for you. 

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