How to reconcile with your partner


Intro: So, you and your partner fought. Maybe it was something small, or it was a pretty big argument. But whatever the reason, the two of you are now estranged and don’t know how to fix things. Well, don’t worry – reconciliation is possible, albeit not always easy. This guide will outline some handy tips to follow so that the two of you can hopefully get past this rough patch in your relationship. Plus, who knows? You may even find that you enjoy your relationship even more after reconciling than you did before. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

1. Give yourself some time to cool off and calm down

This is the first thing you should do after fighting with your partner. No matter how quickly reconciliation might seem like it’s needed, there’s no need to rush. After all, rushing out and trying to fix things right away can lead to more arguments, which isn’t exactly what you want. So give yourselves some time – at least an hour or two – to cool off and calm down before trying to find a way to reconcile. You can do this by removing yourself from the situation for an hour or so, whether that be watching TV together in another room of your house, taking a walk outside, eating dinner in separate rooms at home, etc. Take some time to think about the events that led up to the fight.

2. Figure out what you want

Figure out what you want

If you insist on having a discussion straight away, make sure that you both go into it with the same goal. Is your end goal to get back together? To break up permanently? Or somewhere in between, like where you’re still sleeping at each other’s places every night but aren’t speaking all that often? Each of these scenarios requires a different approach – if you go into the discussion wanting one thing, but your partner likes another, then expect things to be complicated. Think about what you want to happen next. Is your goal reconciliation, or do you want the fight to be over? Is there anything irreparable between the two of you? If so, is there something important enough to keep the two of you together near the end?

3. Make out with your partner

Make out with your partner

Sometimes, all you need is a physical connection with them to get the ball rolling again. It is advantageous if you’ve been avoiding your partner since the fight – they may feel like you hate them, which will help clear up any misunderstandings. Sex is the best solution for solving brutal conflicts that have no end. Your partner must have mutual trust and understanding so that the sex you have is soulful, consensual, and consist of everything your partner loves. If you crave g spot vibrator, make sure you communicate your sexual needs to your partner so that they hit the right spots and help peak your climax.

4. Agree on some basic rules for communication

This may seem like an odd thing to add, but it makes a world of difference. How do you want to go about resolving your fight? Do you want to make sure that you’re civil about things, even if the two of you feel terrible inside? Maybe neither of you ever wants to talk about what happened again. Or maybe one or both of you wants to see if some of the things that happened during your argument can be changed. How often are you going to talk throughout the discussion? How will you discuss issues that come up in your relationship? If one of you ignores the other, how does that get resolved? What happens if one person thinks the issue has been resolved, but the other still disagrees? Make sure to agree on everything beforehand, so there’s no confusion later.

5. Establish a “safe” space

Establish a safe space

Is there a time you feel least likely to get into an argument? Is it morning or night? Maybe right after work or when you’re in public. It’s best if the two of you can agree on a “safe” place where you can talk about your relationship without fear of interruption. If possible, reserve this location for only discussion about your relationship, not for general talk. If things get heated and the two of you start arguing over something, it’s essential to have a private place where you can retreat and cool off. It can be as simple as going into another room for a few minutes or driving around in the car. As long as you both agree on this beforehand, then you’ll be able to get past the argument more easily.

6. Stop the escalating fight: take a time out

When you’re getting into an argument about something, it’s easy to forget that you still love your partner and that this isn’t personal. However, when things get too heated, it can be easy for the fight to continue unnecessarily (and even worsen). That is why it is important to stop yourself before this happens. Do so by telling your partner that you need to take a time out so that you can cool off. If they want, your partner can do the same too. If the two of you are having trouble agreeing on where to discuss your relationship, then it might be best to schedule one specific day every week (or every other week) for this discussion. Whenever you feel the argument escalating, please bring it back down by using humor or changing the subject entirely. Getting into a fight is challenging because both of you are already stressed about the issue at hand, so calming this stress will help keep things from getting out of hand.

7. Don’t act on frustration

Don't act on frustration

Frustration is something you will feel after getting into an argument with your partner. The two of you are probably still mad about the issue at hand, or maybe one of you feels like your anger is being held back by guilt. Either way, holding onto this frustration only leads to more tension and fights – so it’s best just to let it go. Don’t let anger get the best of you. Before reconciling with your partner, both of you need to understand what caused the fight in the first place. It should be the first thing you talk about, not a side-note. When anger takes priority over reason, things can quickly get out of hand, and both of you will end up saying hurtful things that neither of you means.


Maybe you’ve been fighting more than usual, or maybe you don’t feel as close to them as you used to. Whatever the case may be, you must take the time to reconcile with your partner, lest things get worse. In this post, we’ll outline a few easy steps that should help make things right between the two of you. Thanks for reading!


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