How to Remodel a Boring Home With Awesome Glass Interior on a Budget


If you are looking for a sophisticated and stylish look in your home, look no further than glass interior décor. Glass cut to size is one of the best choice for awesome glass interior in your home. Not only is glass trendy and chic, but it is also widely used in interior décor so finding the perfect glass décor ideas will be easy. The uses of glass in interior design are limitless – you can use glass on interior doors, windows, walls, roofs, and even partitions. Deciding where to use glass and which type of glass to use will largely depend on your design concept, your personal likes, and preferences and how you intend to use your home.

But even though lots of people would love to use glass for interior décor, they are often scared away by the cost of implications. You can’t just use any type of glass for interior décor. You have to go with tempered glass and this doesn’t come cheap. But do not let the prices scare you – there are some simple workarounds that can help you to get that enviable look on the cheap. The following are some glass interior ideas that are worth trying. We will also discuss some helpful tips for doing the glass interior décor on a budget.

Ideas for remodeling a home with glass interior

1. Glass walls and windows

The use of natural light is essentially the biggest design element of all time. Light brings the outdoors indoors. It creates the illusion of space and makes a room feel natural and comfortable. No doubt glass is a charming material used for illuminating surfaces and reflecting light. Install glass windows and walls to bring in plenty of natural light into your home. Let glass give you a chance to brighten, obscure, and enhance views around your space. If you cannot afford to do a full-on remodeling of your entire home, break your project into phases. For instance, you can begin with the living room or the kitchen then finish with the other rooms later.  Be sure to check out options for toughened glass cut to size as well.

2. A glass shower wall

Here’s another fantastic and inexpensive idea of using glass to remodel your home. Rather than having tiles on your shower walls, add an oomph effect by using glass. If you want to take things a notch higher, install a colored glass panel rather than a transparent one. An example is aqua glass that looks deeply eye-catching and relaxing in equal measure. This simple décor idea will make your showers more inviting and exciting.

3. Glass partitions

Glass partitions can be used as a decorative and division element. There’s something irresistible and adorable about a space that has been partitioned with glass walls. Obviously, these should only be used in rooms where privacy is not a major concern.  Glass partitions can allow you to make spaces like a dining area and a living room separate without necessarily being disconnected. You can divide them with massive glass panels to enhance their aesthetics and make the whole place look cohesive. Ideally, any social spaces can be separated with transparent glass walls. A sunny breakfast room that is glass partitioned is quite inviting. A kitchen can be separated from a dining area using glass shutters. This way, you feel connected to your family members while having a certain level of privacy.

4. A glass staircase

It is possible to use glass to create barriers as well as staircase steps. Home décor experts use different types of tempered glass to adjoin stairwells. As usual, there are a plethora of ideas for making a glass staircase unique. For example, rather than having a simple colorless staircase, why not bring in some color that matches the entire décor of your home? You can also go all out and make it a floating staircase. Your visitors will certainly be amazed when they stand on your stunning floating staircase surrounded by a thin glass panel or none at all. If you are a little afraid of an all-glass staircase, you can use wood or any other material on the steps then have a magnificent glass balustrades.

5. Cabinets and closets

Clear glass is often used in crockery and display cabinets. On the other hand, frosted glass typically finds use in cabinets used for storage purposes. These include those found in the bedroom, kitchen, and study areas. Historically, glass has been utilized to offer an exquisite finishing touch to cabinets. Its use in closets is a rather modern design concept but one that has great potential. Using Custom glass in your closets opens them up and promotes a minimalistic style that is simply gorgeous. This design is ideal for people who can keep their closets tidy round the clock. If you don’t belong in this category, go with tinted or frosted glass instead!

6. Décor with glass

If you already have plain glass which does nothing to awaken your space, convert it into a decorative glass to bring in some excitement. There are numerous decorative glass types to choose from so you’ll be spoilt for choice on this one. The most common ones include stained glass, etched dichroic glass, and back-painted glass. You can spruce up your kitchen backsplash with a turquoise back painted glass or your bedroom windows with opaque, stained glass. Etched glass is perfect for glass partitions, or dainty windows.

Tips and tricks of remodeling on a budget

Contrary to common belief, you do not need to break the bank in order to remodel your house with glass. Here are some tips and tricks to get started on your glass remodeling on the cheap.

1. Maximize on deals

Like other products, there are plenty of good deals on glass out there. If you know where to look, you can pay rock-bottom prices for quality glass furniture, shower enclosures, tabletops, you name it.

Become familiar with glass retailers that are known for giving some of the craziest offers in town. Subscribe to glass distributors’ mailing lists to be informed of any deal worth grabbing. Scour social media profiles of your go-to retailers for discounts, coupons, and promotions. Do all you can to take advantage of good deals on good-quality and durable glass items. One example is IKEA. They often have irresistible offers on home décor products from time to time.

2. Buy used glass items

Consider incorporating used glass merchandise for your interiors. Sure, the feeling of using a second-hand item over a new one is unappealing. However, when you are pressed for money, you can make your dream of a delightful glass interior by simply purchasing a used item. There are plenty of suppliers of glass décor elements such as used glass photo frames, jars, bottles, cabinets, and even glass patio doors.  The trick is choosing something that looks the part. Do your homework and select only the best items. Take a closer look at all the photos if shopping online. Insist on having photos from all angles to ascertain the integrity of the item. If shopping in a physical store, you will have a better look to ascertain the quality. Take your time assessing the glass item before trading your money for it.

3. Go DIY

Whether you are a DIY veteran or a beginner, there’s a lot you can contribute on your remodeling project using glass. An example is the installation of a glass kitchen backsplash. With the right tools and attitude, you can transform your kitchen in record time. Other simple DIYs glass interiors include art and craft tables, glass whiteboards, framed bath enclosures, and glass photo frames. It is an incredible money-saving technique that has stood the test of time.  Please note that some projects are best carried out by experts. Working with glass requires meticulous attention to detail. It can also be risky. Know when to call in for help to avoid doing something subpar or putting your family members at risk. Examples of projects best suited for experts include the installation of glass ceilings, staircases, frameless shower doors, and walls.

4. Focus on décor elements

If you cannot afford to take down your brick walls and replace them with glass or install a glass skylight, rest easy. Glass décor elements can awaken a space with little effort. When carrying out a thorough glass interior redesign project is not within reach, try something simple like incorporating an inexpensive yet creative glass art. You could also change your panels into stained glass ones, purchase an elegant round glass, coffee table or a stunning glass jar. If you place these décor accessories at vantage points, your space will immediately be transformed into a breathtaking sight.

5. Prioritize

Another amazing trick when remodeling a home on a budget is to identify your priorities. Perhaps you want to purchase lots of glass furniture and change your bathroom to utilize glass all at once. If your budget doesn’t allow, you could settle for quality glass furniture then remodel your bathroom at a later date. Alternatively, purchase a few furniture pieces and remodel your bathroom for now. After some time, get around to the remaining project. Besides saving money, this idea will also ensure you get quality and durable materials.

6. Remodel in stages

When you embark on a glass interior décor remodel, the temptation to do the entire home can be overwhelming. However, when money is tight, a wiser decision would be to tackle one space at a time. It is a great idea to catch up with the ever-changing needs. For instance, minimalist design is now the in-thing so you may want to factor that in your décor.

Whether you have a small or massive remodeling project, your home will benefit from glass either way. From decorative glass in the kitchen backsplash to a gorgeous glass staircase, glass is definitely here to stay. Don’t be afraid to let your ideas run wild when it comes to glass interiors. As long as it is your style and you have the money for it, don’t hold back.

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