How to renovate your home on a shoestring


Is the décor in your home dated? Perhaps you’ve recently moved to a new house and want to put your stamp on things – but don’t have an awful lot of budget left? Relax, there are loads of ways you can renovate your property without breaking the bank, like adding a splash of colour to the walls or replacing worn staircase parts for new ones. 

Here we share just a few ideas to get you started…

1. DIY storage

Let’s face it, you can never have too much storage space, can you? But buying new cupboards and shelving for books and magazines, utensils in the kitchen, or accessories throughout the home can often leave you strapped for cash. So, why not create your own storage – and save yourself some money in the process?

Simply wrap unwanted cardboard boxes in decorative paper and stow lightweight items inside. Or use the wooden planks that have been sat in the garden shed for months to build some shelves.

2. Paint a feature wall

Are mucky fingerprints starting to show on your white walls? Gone off the wallpaper in your living room? Never changed the décor in all the time you’ve lived there? 

A great way to keep the cost down is to just paint one wall in each room and make it a feature wall – something that stands out the moment you walk through the door. Of course, if you really wanted, you could embrace your artistic flair and paint a design or pattern on to the wall to give your home more personality.

3. Upcycle furniture 

When renovating, it’s easy to feel the urge to get rid of everything and start afresh. But before you throw anything away, be sure to take the time to consider what pieces of furniture can be reused and breathe new life into your home.

For example, you could transform that outdated armchair into statement seating with a little paint and new upholstery, or upcycle your old drawers into bedside tables by attaching a wooden shelf and legs and applying a couple of coats of paint. The options are endless and won’t leave you out of pocket!

4. Add lighting 

You’d be surprised how much of a difference new lighting can make in a space that was otherwise dark and dismal. It could be the attic, a bedroom or even the hallway.

The good news is, there are a number of things you can do to brighten things up a bit – without spending a fortune – like popping to your local DIY store and buying some new bulbs or using a table lamp. Even cheaper still, you could open the blinds or tie curtains back to let natural light flood into the room.

Add value and beauty to your home with a well-done remodel. Our team of experts at Chicago home remodeling services can help you achieve the look you want – on time and on budget.

5. Lay a stair runner

Although frequently overlooked, your staircase is the first thing that visitors will see when they step over the threshold. So, whilst you may be considering tightening your belt, rather than completely remodelling your tired stairs, it’s worth laying a stylish stair runner instead. Not only is it the more budget-friendly alternative, there are oodles of brightly coloured options out there – not to mention a choice of designs and fabrics too.

The truth is, making a few small tweaks to your stairs, and replacing one or two staircase parts, can be a really affordable way to transform your space. So, if you’re on a shoestring budget, be sure to visit Wonkee Donkee Richard Burbidge today. They stock some of the best newels, spindles and handrails on the market right now, for the most competitive prices possible. And, if you order before 11.30am, they can deliver parts to your door within 48-hours.

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