How To Rent An Apartment With Troubled Credit

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. It can be very hard to recover when you have had a problem that brings your credit score down. Finding a place to live in Arlington when you have troubled credit may be challenging, but it is possible.

Steps To Finding Your Apartment

Below we have gathered some tips that will help you in your apartment search. With these tips and some effort on your part, you will soon be living in an apartment and on your way to restoring your credit problems.

Identify your needs

This is really important. You are going to have to be flexible when it comes to what you need versus what you want in an apartment. Some apartment complexes have a hard to fill apartment. It may be on the third floor which is hard to move into. You may not relish the idea of bringing groceries up three floors. If you cannot use the stairs because you have an injury, or maybe you have handicapped children and it would be dangerous to try to carry them up the stairs alone. Maybe your aging mother stays with on weekends and she needs assistance to walk. These are legitimate reasons why you need an apartment on the lower floor. Explain your situation and most rental managers will work with you to suit your needs.

You may want a pool and a fitness room. You may only find an apartment with a playground and walking trail. The point is, you may have to lower your expectations until you get your credit repaired.

Go Local


In the age of technology, we go to the internet for everything. That is a good thing. However, do not be surprised if you don’t find what you are looking for on the big sites. Instead, word your search, “No credit check apartments, Arlington.” This will narrow your search down to more local possibilities.

Apartment locators

Contact apartment locators in your state. Again, you need to search locally. Apartment locators may not get listings that actually say they will take people with lower credit scores. Local businesses are more flexible.

Local Publications

There was a time when you could pick up the local news and know everything that was happening. With small neighborhood papers, you can still get the listings in your neighborhood. If you need to check more than one area, you might have to go for a drive to grab the paper.

Friends and Family

There are folks who do not advertise. They want people who know people. They don’t sweat the fact that your credit score dropped below the magic number. They understand that there are illnesses, accidents, and unexpected problems that can come into anyone’s life. So put out the word and see if you know anyone who can send them your way.

Final note

You will not find a better place to live than Arlington. You will not find better people. But, don’t be offended if you are questioned a bit. People won’t judge you because you have had a little trouble. They just want to ensure that you are a good fit for their apartment community, and their community is a good fit for you.