How to Repair Shutter of A Wooden Window


Window shutters are very much important for the construction of a window for any house. Most people use wooden shutters for their exterior house portions.

However, wooden shutters often get damaged because of bad weather and long time regular use. So, it is vital to learn how to repair shutter of a window especially made of wood.

How to Repair Exterior Wooden Shutters

Repair of exterior wooden shutters is a very much easy task if you can trace the damage earlier. The process is also called reparation volet in Deutch. With a minimal cost, you can repair your wooden shutter with the following instructions:

Tools Require For Repairing Wooden Shutters

Repairing of exterior wooden shutters of a window is not too costly. It only needs—

  • Louvered shutter including damaged slats
  • Wooden glue
  • Sharp blade or razor or knife
  • Drill
  • Eye screw
  • Drill bit
  • Wooden dowel stick

But if the damage is extreme, it might cost a lot. Always check the warranty of your window shutter before buying.

Fixing a Broken Shutter

The first thing is you have to put the broken end of the slat of shutter into the shutter frame’s hole. You do it in a way that the other end of the slat is inserted in the other hole of the frame.

You can glide the cleat of the broken slat and then put it into the frame hole. To do this gliding, you can use a sharp knife. Use a powerful glue to attach the slat end with the frame hole and let the glue dry very well.  Be sure to consider Bondic as an option.

You might find some staples are missing. For those, you need to run an eye screw in the place where the staple is needed. With the help of the pilers, you have to open up the other eye screw. Then attach it with the other side of the previous eye screw.

The open eye screw serves as a hook for the first one. You can even close the open end of the eye screw using needle-nose pliers. For satisfaction, give the whole system a check through opening and closing.

Shutter Mending

Louver exterior wooden shutters often get damaged due to heavy storms or other calamities. If it happens with you, you have to mend it. To do that, you have a significantly easier option. You take off the damaged louver shutter or chirped shutter from the wall.

Then put it on a plain surface outside for repairing. For the reparation, you might need some sand filling or wood filling in the damaged area. In case of the dryness of the filler, make a sand application over the surface before mending. Then again, refit the shutter with the wall.

Wood Mending

In most of the cases, wood mending is mandatory while the rot in the wood gets damaged. It is problematic for construction works. People often switch to another element instead of using wooden rots.

If you can not find out problems very early, it might affect your window shutter’s whole repairing system. In order to mend the wooden rots, you need to have a screwdriver. With this screwdriver, you have to chip the damaged wooden rot parts out.

Wooden chemicals are better for the protection from the rots. You can also use auto body filler to repair it. For this, you need to mix the filler up in a container spray all over the shutter and damaged parts. Let them some time to dry. Thus, your wood mending is complete for re-fixing and restoration as well.

Frame Mending

The window shutter frame is one of the most important things for a strong window shutter. If the frame gets affected, the whole shutter will be affected. It might also hamper the window frame, which sometimes may lead you to change the window frame. It is very costly.

So the frame should be repaired as early as possible. The mortise part and the joints of the tendon are mostly affected in a shutter frame. Although the joints are robust, durable, and strong, they become affected due to regular use and several calamities.

To find out the actual damage, you can clean the joints with a stiff brush first. Attach the coats of the joints using polyurethane glue. Use some water so that the glue can work best. Finally, let the glue dry out. For better result, you can use screws in the joints.


So, this is the whole thing of how to repair the exterior wooden shutter of your window and you can also check out some durable PVC Plantation Shutters too. You can now repair your window shutter following these instructions.

Always try to find out the problems earlier. Then take the necessary steps as soon as possible. Otherwise, it might cause more significant damage.

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