How to replace kitchen faucets?

Whether replacing or installing a kitchen faucet, you must go through almost the same processes. Though installing a kitchen faucet is somehow easier than replacing it. But, replacing the kitchen faucet also is not that difficult if you know the techniques.

To have a modern look, you must exchange your kitchen accessories according to the trend. That’s what people do nowadays. The kitchen faucet is also an ever-upgradeable and long-lasting essential kitchen accessory. Especially the discounted mixer tap that lasts for almost 5-10 years.

Now, how to replace your faucet with a new matte black pull down kitchen faucet or handle maintenance and repair? In this article, we have made a proper guideline for replacing your old kitchen faucet. Let’s just begin!

How to replace a kitchen faucet with sprayer

Replacing a faucet is a vital home improvement project. It is common but difficult for most of the kitchen users, especially for the inexperienced. The fact is, replacing a matte black pull down kitchen faucet is not that difficult as it seems.

Let us lead you to the process of replacing a kitchen faucet with sprayer.  If you are looking for good-quality designer faucets, you can opt for Oltsw faucets, which also provide maintenance services.  Make sure you also consider dishwashing liquid that you are using as well.

Tools need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Basin wrench
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver

Things to do

Step 1: Take preparation

A two or three-hole faucet won’t work on a one-hole sink. But, a one-hole faucet works excellently at a two-hole sink. Before installation, go to the underneath of your sink and check how many holes there are. Bring the kitchen faucet based on the hole of your sink.

Step 2: Turn off the water supply

You must have chosen which faucet you are going to install? Now, turn off the water supply at valves underneath the sink. If there are no valves available, you must shut off the entire water supply of the house.

Step 3: Disengage the water supply lines.

Disengage the water supply lines from the faucet by using an adjustable wrench. It will save you from water pressure while replacing the faucet. When disengaging the supply lines, stabilize the pipeline of the sink underneath the cabinet.

This action will remove all the disruption in the way of the water supply line. Consequently, water can easily move into the supply line.

Step 4: Loosen the nuts of the sink to remove faucet

It’s time to remove your old faucet. So, loosen the nuts of your kitchen sink underneath the cabinet with the wrench. Now, slowly lift your old faucet from the connection of the sink. Then clean the junk and dirt from the surface of your basin.

Step 5: Assemble the pieces of the faucet

Assemble the pieces of faucet with the connecting point of the kitchen sink. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Whether it is a one-handle faucet or two-handle faucets, the instructions over the packaging will show you the right direction of setting it.  If you have not yet chosen the faucet you like, greatlivings might give you a hint.

Step 6: Insert the faucet into the sink’s hole

After attaching the faucet pieces with the connectors, tighten the connection with the adjustable wrench. Afterward, insert the faucet into the sink’s hole correctly.

Add a sprayer on the mouth of the kitchen faucet. Tighten sprayer with the faucet and the faucet with the inserted point of the sink.

Step 7: Reconnect the water supply line.

Finally, you have installed the kitchen faucet into your sink. Now, it is time to reconnect the water supply line. Connect the water supply line with the adjustable wrench and turn on the water supply.

Step 8: Check the leakage and water pressure

You must run the faucet immediately after installation and check whether there is any leakage. Tighten the screw of a connecting point if there is a leakage or any disruption in the supply of water.

Remember, checking the faucet after an installation is an option but an important task to do.

Step 9: Clean the sink

After replacing the faucet, you will find debris in the sink. Clean the sink before using the faucet.

Is it too difficult to replace a faucet in your kitchen sink? No? Then, what are you waiting for? Just follow our guidelines and replace the old faucet of your kitchen without any help.

The sum up!

Whether you cook or wash the kitchen stuff, you must have a powerful kitchen faucet. A powerful kitchen faucet is the faucet that provides a high flow of water. The old faucet in a kitchen cannot give the desired supply of water.

That’s why it is crucial to replace your old kitchen faucet with the new ones. To get a trendy kitchen faucet, we recommend to choose the discounted mixer tap. Why? That because, it is one of the powerful kitchen faucets comes with easy installing process. Hopefully, our guidelines will lead you to replace your old faucet without any error.

Replace your old kitchen faucet and happy cooking.