How to Run a Comedy Night


Who doesn’t love a great comedy night with sounds of chuckles and laughs filling the air while talented stand-up comics entertain fans in sold-out arenas and venues?

Before we can enjoy the success of any show, we first have to understand just what goes into managing stand-up comedy gigs.

Finding a comedy venue

When searching for the right venue for a stand-up special, availability and budget are usually the two main challenges you might face. To find the right venue, you first need to know just what it is you’re looking for. Here are some factors to look out for.


You must determine if the location is located centrally and can be accessed by several transport links.


You must ensure that the venue is capable of occupying the crowd you are expecting. The sound system in the venue must be well done. The venue’s sound must reverberate through the room to provide an encompassing sound for the audience. Also, brick walls and low ceilings are preferable as they will improve the whole experience. You can also check out Jeremy Piven for more great options.

Equipment for a comedy night

To be able to effectively manage a stand-up comedy gig, you must ensure that the venue is properly equipped. For a venue that is constantly rented out for events and entertainment activities, sound equipment and lighting usually aren’t an issue. However, a few other pieces of equipment are necessary for an amazing show.

  • Standard microphones
  • Adjustable lighting and spotlights
  • PA system
  • Stands for microphone
  • Music system
  • Performance or staging area

You must revisit this list and include any tools or equipment you may need that will improve the quality of your show.

Comedy night budgeting

Budgeting is an absolutely crucial aspect of any comedy show, whether small or large. You must ensure that you allocate budget funds to crucial aspects of the show before trivialities. Some important costs that you have to prioritize include;

  • Fee for different comic acts
  • Venue rental payment
  • Riders
  • Fee for equipment rental

How to select your comedy acts

To put out a great show for your audience, you must ensure that you get the best comedians. You must carefully select the type, quality, and nature of your lineup before approving the list. You can participate in or organize open mic nights as a great way to source for young, budding comedians seeking exposure.

Ensure that your line-up remains entertaining and diverse to keep your audience entertained and laughing throughout the night. To book these talents, you can utilize comedy gig management and comic agents for a seamless and professional process. Manage Stand Up comedy gigs by adding your event details and what performers you need. The app will help you to save your time and to reach the moset suitable actors.

Marketing & Promotion

You can’t have a great show without a great audience. As a show promoter, you are tasked with the responsibility of promoting the show and attracting people with an interest in comedy. Irrespective of your budget, there are numerous ways to promote your show. You can take advantage of the attention of social media influencers towards comedy, and use the opportunity to inform everyone where the event is going to hold.

You can also promote and market the show by creating a great eye-catching flier and poster. You can utilize talented illustrators that are professionals at creating beautiful designs and illustrations to attract an even larger crowd. You could also request that the venue’s management put up posters around the venue, and on their website. You could also add your comedy show to event calendars on various free listing websites to create even more awareness.

You may also use stand-up comedy specials back in the ‘80s as inspirations for your comedy night. You can find out more about them in our article, How Did Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Cable TV Catapult Comedians to Fame?

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