How to Safely Store Guns and Ammo at Home

Ammunition and guns are some of the items that are mostly tagged with words such as “dangerous” and “do not touch.“ Unlawful possession or handling of either guns, bombs, cartridges, bullets, missiles, or any other ammunition might cause harm to people. Even firearms/ammunition can deteriorate and get ruined.

For this reason, it is always advised that people who work with and own these items be very careful when handling and storing these items. Keeping ammunition and guns as security personnel might not be a huge problem. There are good ways and methods through which firearms and ammunition are being stored and maintained in the security offices. 

In a case where you are not security personnel, yet you own guns and ammunition in your possession for your security, storing and maintaining your weapons and ammunition in your home can be very cumbersome, especially when you have your kids and pets who have access to everywhere in the house. Storing your guns and ammunition out of the reach of your children and pets and having it very close to you in case of an urgent need is something that would require a lot of effort, and here are a few ideas that can help you store your guns and ammunition safely in your home. 

1. Store them in a secret place that is accessible to you alone

One effective way to store your guns and ammunition is to keep them in a very safe place that only you and maybe your partner can have access to. Of course, you can have smart children and pets who know every nook and cranny of the house, but as a parent, you should be able to find a secret yet a close place to store your guns and ammunition without the reach of your children and pets.

While you are at it, make sure that your secret place possesses locks that are effective such that they can’t be opened or accessed by no one else but you and your partner. If you are an owner of an automatic weapon, a one that uses turret reloading press and similar ammo refill enhancements, safety from accidental firing is already something you’re familiar with. This is the first of the essential security tips to help you store your gun safe break in and keep them safe. Now, here comes even more.

2. Don’t flaunt your firearms and ammunitions at home 

Handling real-life firearms and ammunition is not a joke. Hence you shouldn’t treat them as toys that you wield and flaunt carelessly around the house. If there is no cause for it, kindly ensure that your firearms and ammunition stay locked away safely. 

3. Make sure your firearms are unloaded 

When securing your firearms at home, you have to ensure that they are unloaded where they are kept. This means that you should detach your firearms from the ammunition that can trigger them wrongly. Asides from keeping your guns and ammunition safe from the reach of your kids and pets, your guns need to be maintained too so that they don’t deteriorate or get spoiled while they are in storage.

Guns and Ammo Maintenance

To maintain your guns and ammunitions correctly so that they don’t get spoilt, here are a few steps that you can work with:

1. Keep them stored in a container

One way to maintain your guns and ammunition such that they won’t get dented or ruined is to purchase an Ammunition container where you would carefully arrange and keep the guns and ammunition. There are different types of Ammo containers that you can invest in, such as gun storage bags, lockboxes, cases, etc., that will accommodate and house your guns and ammo effectively without problems.  If you’re looking for reliable ammunition options, you might consider reading a Tulammo review to gather insights and make informed choices about your ammunition selection.

2. Store them a dry place

Keeping guns and ammunition in a humid environment can cause corrosion, rust, and molding. Hence, this is why you need to ensure that your guns are kept in a dry place. If you reside in a humid area, all you need to do is place a dehumidifier in the room where your firearms and ammo are stored. 

3. Keep away from excessive heat and sun rays

While you need to keep your guns and ammunition away from excess humidity, you also need to ensure that you keep your firearms away from excessive heat and radiation. While your ammo needs to be heated to avoid corrosion, it also need not be excessively heated as too much heat can affect the ammo and their performances. 

Keep away from excessive heat and sun rays

4. Keep the firearms oiled and cleaned regularly

Don’t forget to oil and clean your firearms whether you make use of them or not. From time to time, ensure that you clean and oil your firearms properly to keep your guns well maintained and oiled even when you do not regularly use them. 

Now you have it, steps to help you keep your firearms well kept and secured from the prying eyes and fingers of your kids and pets. While you are working towards keeping your ammunition safe, kindly remember to maintain them periodically with the tips mentioned above too!